Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becoming a Freelance Writer with an Eco-Friendly Kick-Off Article on Yahoo! Voices

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In the fall of 2012 I started to invest time into learning how to become an online freelance writer. I followed blogs, newsletters, read everything I could and began working on my headlines and copy. In November I was sidelined with health stuff and put my freelancing on hold. Now I’m back at it, healthy and energized!

My first article published on Yahoo! Voices is something I’m proud of. And I know it’s going to be something you enjoy reading as well.

Read the article on eco-friendly weed killing best practices

The article was conceptualized, researched and written by me and I feel it’s some of my best work to date. I share some tips and tricks for the most effective and more importantly natural ways to kill your weeds when trying to stay within a budget.

And as we Greenies know sometimes it’s even cheaper (or outright free!) to use natural methods for taming the garden jungle.

Here’s an excerpt:

“…you should start to see the edges of the leaf begin to curl and turn brown. Within twenty-four hours your weed should be dead. If the weed hasn't died by the next day just repeat the vinegar process. This is especially effective for areas where there are cracks in the pavement, in gravel areas, on pathways, or even around the…

Thanks for always being supportive readers and I look forward to my next approved submission on all things eco-friendly. This freelance writer gig isn’t so bad; getting paid to do what I love is pretty much the bees knees!

Have a Green week!

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