Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Earthworm Cleaning Products Inch Up the Eco List

For quite some time now I have been very concerned with the products we use in our household to clean as I do not want to wash loads of chemicals down the drain. We have experimented with an array of products containing natural surfactants such as coconut oil and I have found that these cleaners do just as good, or better, of a job than their chemical based counterparts. So when Earthworm (by Clean Earth Brands) sent me two boxes full of natural enzyme based cleaners to try I was truly looking forward to putting them to the test.

Today’s review will focus on the Mold & Mildew Treatment. Tomorrow and Thursday two more products will be tested and reviewed and then beginning on Sunday November 8th I will run a six day series to individually use and rate the rest of this company’s fine products.

We are not ghastly people when it comes to grime but like most people, the bathroom is one of those rooms we despise cleaning but simultaneously get the most satisfaction from when it is sparkling. I noticed a bit of mildew in a corner of the tub so I put the Mold and Mildew Treatment to the test first. The instructions say to shake, spray and let sit 5+ minutes to allow the enzymes to work before scrubbing.

The smell was pleasant, clean without being chemical. Almost Earthy but not in a crunchy-crunchy sort of way, more fruity. I allowed it to sit while I wrote up the start of this as well as did a little company research online.

When I used to clean with caustic chemical based products there would be no trace of anything organic, even the deepest recess of the caulking around our tub, but I also knew that was going right down the drain. I went back in to scrub the Mold and Mildew Treatment and found it had foamed up into an almost chunky liquid. I scrubbed and all of the reddish mold came off with very little effort. The blacker areas were mostly stains built up over years of this being a rental apartment and did not budge much.

Here’s an after photo of the same corner I took the product photo in:

There definitely is quite a difference!

The proteins in this product actually convert the organic yuckies into nutrients and water and they are safe to use around pets and humans. Clean Earth Brands proudly displays their National Green Energy Council seal on their website as well. Reading the list of ingredients however the final is trace preservatives. I would like to know what percentage the trace is as well as what it is to deem its environmental impact as well.

Overall I was happy to use this 80% water based product as I know it is a far safer alternative so I am granting a Four Leaf Rating to the Mold and Mildew Treatment!

Nice way to hit the ground running right out of the box Earthworm! ♥love♥

Up tomorrow I tackle the Earthworm All Purpose Cleaner by using it in the kitchen.

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