Monday, October 26, 2009

Wholly Guacamole and Salsa is Wholly Yummy!

Recently I was sent some salsa and guacamole from the company Wholly to taste test and review and these folks did impress me with their approach to natural ingredients and customer service. I had a sizeable concern regarding the packaging which was easily resolved.

Wholly shipped me samples of their new individual salsa snack cups in mild, medium, hot and garden fresca, as well as a box of their individually wrapped guacamole snack packs. Matt and I tucked in for dinner one night and he grabbed for a hot while I decided to try the garden fresca.

We both immediately noticed the salsa smelled delicious and Matt’s first reaction was that it was “quite good” and tasted very “fresh”. I read through the ingredients and that is likely due to the fact that there are no preservatives in their product. Same holds true for the guacamole and I was excited about this.

At only fifty calories per cup of salsa, and a fairly generous portion at that, it is certainly a healthier alternative when grabbing for a snack. The guacamole is a higher calorie content per pack (100) but it too was fresh tasting. We both noted it was a little flat compared to the homemade version but that it would be a fantastic base to jazz up with individually desired ingredients.

Now for the bummer news. We finished our snack cups only to discover that there was no recycling symbol on the bottom of these one time use items. Yikes. And because the cover is a peel back there would be no way to reuse these for any kind of small food storage. The larger packages of both salsa and guacamole (as well as the guacamole snack pack) are a thin plastic bag type with a peel back top while the salsa cups are hard PET based plastic.

This deflated my happiness as I truly feel that one time use items made from rigid plastic are a big environmental concern, especially when non-recyclable. So I reached out to the company and when I heard back they emphatically indicated that the cups are recyclable as it is “part of [our] manufacturing standards”. In fact the representative I got in touch with had not been aware the symbol was missing and sent her own inquiry to the cup manufacturer, thanking me for the head’s up.

It never hurts to ask when unsure about these kinds of things as many of us might have thrown the cups away, not knowing they could be put in the recycle bin!

All in all I am super impressed with the company and their product and I am granting a Four Leaf Rating to Wholly!

With an eye on all things natural and excellent customer service Wholly really exhibits a positive human experience all around! ♥love♥


Alicia Istanbul said...

Sounds yummy. Glad they're recyclable after all.

Gallery32 said...

What a great thing to test. I LOVE guacamole. Off to check out their website :)