Thursday, November 19, 2009

Putting My Mouth to Work and Getting Paid to do it

Good morning loyal Greenies! I apologize for not getting in here sooner this week, with writing my novel for NaNoWriMo my time has certainly been sucked right out of me; its hard to believe its past mid November already!

I am writing with both some exciting local and potentially personal news as well. Over the summer I reported on the Cape Wind project having their permits approved and how exciting it was to consider the prospect of bringing that many jobs and megawatts of electricity right here to my home state.

Unfortunately many of the efforts have been blocked by people and groups who oppose placing these turbines off shore in the middle of the ocean. However there are groups fighting to keep the project on schedule and one of these groups is Environment Massachusetts.

I haven’t talked about these folks yet but about six months ago many of you may have noticed their link showed up on the sidebar. I receive regular email updates from them on all of their clean air, clean water and open space initiatives and their big thrust is going to Cape Wind right now.

Yesterday I started looking for a part time job and wouldn’t you know it, Environment Massachusetts is hiring for their grassroots initiatives! Hooray! I meet with them today to discuss the current campaigns and which one I might be working on. My understanding of the position is it’s a part time gig that involves lobbying, fundraising and face to face discussion of the campaigns. Right up my alley if I do say so myself.

I will let everyone know how it goes but I am super excited to be meeting with them and learning more about their efforts, then hopefully getting hired so I too can get my butt out there even more so to make a difference in my local area.

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

A friend of ours, Charmaine Manley Design, is always on the lookout for the most environmentally friendly ways to take care of certain problems and she is willing to share her finds with us over here at GLR!

Today’s tip is about how best to scare away flies. There is no death involved, no harsh chemicals or sticky substances. The best way to scare off flies is a bag full of water.

Nope, I’m not kidding at all! It seems that a friend and fan of This Old House who lives in the Miami, Florida region of the United States tested the experiment out and was amazed to find that flies actually flew away from the dangling bag of water.

He placed a smelly pan of something outside to attract the flies and then held the bag full of water near the swarm. Apparently within just a few minutes the flies were all scared off. And no one had to kill them to do it!

The theory is a fly sees the bag as something predatory looking to trap it for dinner, a spider web or hornets nest perhaps, through the refraction of light over their many eyes and that shoos the fly away. It seems this practice is most popular in more temperate climates. From what I’ve read it only appears to work on flies, not stinging insects such as bees, mosquitoes, wasps or hornets.

Take a regular old, large zip top, clear plastic bag. Fill it about half way with plain old tap water. Use a heavy duty string or twine to tie the bag shut and leave plenty of slack on one end so it can be strung up on a hook above the area you are looking to protect and have a fly repellant that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, inexpensive and simple.

Some people also place a penny inside. A theory on this is that the fly sees the penny as a big spider in the web and they want to stay away. Since we unfortunately can’t get inside the mind of a fly we just have to test it to see if it works.

I do not have problems with flies but I’m sure many of you do. If this is something you test out I would love to hear about your experiences with using this method for effectiveness!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keeping Myself Sane

Hey friends and dedicated readers of GLR! Most of you might remember that back on November first I featured the Chuckie Goodnight Foundation. Those folks are really cool and have a whole bunch of fun stuff on their website that is aimed specifically at kids in order to teach them about the benefits of environmental protection.

Another thing all of you fine peeps might remember is that I have officially signed on as a NaNoWriMo participant this year. Why? Well simply because I know there are a few novels inside this old head of mine that are going to cause it to explode if I don’t let them out! So far the challenge is going great and I am staying on track to my personal goal of 2,000 written words per day.

So what do these two things have in common?

Well in the greater sense of the world at large, not much, but in my world they have met with a sweet hug. While perusing the Chuckie website I came across a coloring page. I saved it because I had meant to include it with the last post on these folks but in the end forgot to do so. Here is what it looks like in its original state:

I love that they have included a whole slew of different animals and ecosystems into this one fantastical rendering. A long time ago I read somewhere that coloring is a very calming activity so I decided in order to shut off my brain from characters and dialogue for a while, why not pull this baby up in Photoshop and give it some punch! I have always been a literal coloring gal, even as a kid I was not the one who created a purple sky or orange whale so in keeping with my standards here is the finished product:

I had to make a few minor line placement adjustments to make sure they were connected in certain places so when I used the fill bucket it didn’t fill in half the page but voila! I love how it turned out and for the thirty or so minutes I was filling this baby in my mind was completely free of clutter.

I think I might just have to locate my colored pencils (always my favorite over crayons) and print out a few copies of this just in case I get stuck on a scene. Freeing my mind helped me to write almost 6,000 words in one day so thanks Chuckie Goodnight Foundation! I feel ready to tackle the second half of this writing challenge.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Jonano

We gals love to feel enveloped in something luxurious, even women like me who tend to wear sweats and hoodies most of the time! There is something about pulling an all natural, fine fabric from our closet for those special occasions that can give us a feeling of total heart rush. Jonano is a company that recognizes how a lady likes to feel pampered every once in a while and they sent me one of their gorgeous silk and linen scarves to try out.

The weave is tight enough that even the sheerness of the fabric does not threaten the strength of the item. The fabric is soft and it drapes beautifully. I tried wearing it in a couple of ways -- over my head to protect my hair from the rain as well as around my neck. Here in the northeast United States it is vital to have a warm scarf all winter long. I was not disappointed, my neck was toasty warm but I didn’t need a super bulky item to ensure it.

As a supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Bonnie Siefers created this scarf for the Daffodil Collection. 10% of all the proceeds go to support the cause. Nice!

I know that many of you might be thinking ‘but creating silk kills the silkworms’ and typically that would be true, however, Jonano uses peace silk in their garments which ensures the silkworm is unharmed in the creation of the fabric. Instead of creating one continuous silk thread by not allowing the creature to emerge from its cocoon as a moth, the moth emerges and the cocoon is then harvested to be spun into fiber instead.

The price for this scarf is somewhat beyond the reach of many women at a suggested retail of $69 but it is a well made item that will be a versatile piece meaning it will potentially get a lot of wear. The one thing I was put off by was that the fabric shed. I tried it on first with a white button down shirt, then the green shirt seen in the photo above, and the scarf left behind tons of pilled fibers. Sadly because I was asked to return the item to the company after testing it out I was unable to wash or dry clean it to see if it would eliminate the issue.

Overall I am impressed with the humanitarian efforts to support breast cancer research as well as the ethical treatments of the silkworms used to create this item and I am awarding a Three Leaf Rating to this chic scarf! (an array of cool fashion is available online, I highly suggest checking out the website for more!)

Thanks for proving that couture can be Green, Jonano! ♥love♥

Thursday, November 12, 2009

EcoSmart Garden Insect Killer

A few months ago at our monthly Bennetts Brook Green Group meeting a few members were discussing the need to rid their yards of grubs that were wreaking havoc on their gardens. We all went on the hunt for an environmentally friendly alternative that would not simply flood our lawns with heavy doses of chemicals. So when EcoSmart contacted me to review their Garden Insect Killer I was definitely excited to report back to all of you as well as the BBGG.

The product comes in either a 32 ounce bottle with a nozzle for a hose attachment or a 24 ounce spray bottle (the one I was sent) and individual bottles retail for $8.00 - 15 in the EcoSmart online shop. The price is right as I did a little research in my local garden center and chemical based insect killers average at a similar cost.

And that is the best part. The ingredients in this product include a whole bunch of natural oils such as: rosemary, peppermint, thyme and clove. Additional ingredients are listed as water, mineral oil, octadecenoic acid potassium salt, and lecithin. Naturally I had never heard of octadecenoic acid potassium salt and was curious as to what it was.

Turns out this is a fatty acid salt. So what does that mean? It is classified as a soap and adjuvant (an agent that is inert alone but modifies the effects of other agents). So since this is an agricultural adjuvant I consulted Wikipedia to read:

The adjuvant acts here by reducing the surface tension of the water on the surface of the spray drop and by reducing the interfacial tension between the spray drop and surface of the leaf. This requires an adjuvant that will preferentially aggregate at these surfaces. This may not be done effectively by the surfactants that form and stabilize the oil/water emulsion from the concentrate formulation

Basically what I have deduced is that this acts as an extender to help spread the oils out all over the surface since the main ingredient is water and we all know that water and oil don’t mix. Fair enough but what exactly is octadecenoic acid? When I plugged this into wiki it suggested a new spelling (octadecanoic) and led me to the page for stearic acid. A fatty acid, it is developed from animal fats. As is lecithin.

So the good news is that EcoSmart’s claim for an all natural bug killer is in fact all natural, the bad news is it is clearly not a Vegan alternative. The other good news is that it is listed to rid the yard of aphids, mites, thirps, whiteflies, beetles and caterpillars. Grubs become beetles and therefore would be removed naturally. Again, the bad news is that by then it is potentially too late as new eggs may have already been laid causing more grubs.

I will be giving this bottle to my sister in law, you all know her as the fearless writer and reviewer Melissa around these parts, so she can give it a go and hopefully rid her yard of these pesky critters once and for all, in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Until her practical review comes out however I am granting a Three and a Half Leaf Rating to the Garden Insect Killer!

EcoSmart you have shown that with an eye to the planet as well as the health of humans and our pets we are able to have natural alternatives to keeping our gardens pest free. ♥love♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Earthworm Cleaning Products Series Odor Eliminator and Upholstery Cleaner

Good morning folks and thanks for joining us for the final installment of the Earthworm cleaning products series. Clean Earth Brands sent me two full boxes of their fine products to review and Leaf Rate. I have used all of the products sent to me to date and today I would like to discuss both the Odor Eliminator and Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners.

Before I go on I would like to remind everyone that this is the final installment of a long running series on Earthworm products and that out of the gate there were some fabulous benefits as well as an overall impressive factor to the products that did seem to work but sadly as I have used more of these items I have become less enthusiastic and more concerned for their effectiveness and truthfulness in marketing.

I shook up and sprayed the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner on a small spot on Matt’s chair (that you can see just in front of the bottle in the picture above) and the Odor eliminator across our kitchen where we had cooked with onions the night before & they were still lingering. As instructed I let the Upholstery Cleaner sit for about seven minutes. I grabbed the suggested rag and began blotting. Nothing happened so I figured perhaps I didn’t leave it on long enough and re-sprayed, this time leaving it on for twelve minutes. This is the result of two applications:

As you can see there was literally no change at all to the spot. I tried it on a black spot on my carpet with similar results. Sadly the Odor Eliminator also gets my thumbs down as my kitchen still smelled like onions.

As I mentioned yesterday -- What most concerns me, is that every single product I have tested so far is comprised of the exact same ingredients, which leads me to wonder if it is the same product repackaged with a new name and sold as something different -- how could a mildew remover take a spot of dirt off my upholstery or smells out of the air?

Sorry Earthworm, although I truly send ♥love♥ out for your effort to make the planet a better place through lack of chemical composition, I smell Greenwashing here and I can not grant more than a Two Leaf Rating for these products, collectively.

It saddens me to end this series on a downer note but I truly believe that the consumer should be aware of what it is they are buying when they spend money on an alleged Earth friendly item.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Earthworm Cleaning Products Series Floor Cleaner

Welcome back to the Earthworm cleaning products series! Clean Earth Brands sent me two full boxes of their fine products to review and Leaf Rate. Now that I have had a chance to put the rest of these products to the test, today I would like to share my feelings on the Floor Cleaner.

Our back hallway is a rolled vinyl that has definitely seen a better day so I was interested in what the Earthworm Floor Cleaner could do to possibly bring some new life to this older floor.

I shook it up and sprayed it on a small section of floor including the scuff mark shown in the picture above. As instructed I let it sit for about seven minutes. Since our floors are not level some of the liquid pooled up in one spot and I could see that it was a brownish color which had me encouraged.

I use a Bona mop at home so I wet the reusable cleaning pad and started to wipe down the floor. And then I continued to rinse and ring out the cloth to wipe down the floor some more. And then more. All told I rinsed and wiped four times and still there was a film of bubbly something left behind. It mortified me how much water I had to waste to remove the product from the vinyl and it didn’t even take all of it off in the end! Sadly, many of the marks did not come off either which leads me to believe it rides on the surface only and does not penetrate to really clean.

Here is my after picture of the same spot:

**As with the other products I have already reviewed the ingredients contain preservatives. Again, I would like to be clear as to what these preservatives are?

What most concerns me, is that every single product I have tested so far is comprised of the exact same listed ingredients, which leads me to wonder if it is the same product repackaged with a new name and sold as something different? **

Overall I was somewhat happy with the performance but saddened by the waste of water which still had me not even fully remove the product so I am granting the Floor Cleaner a Two and a Half Leaf Rating!

Sorry Earthworm but this one did not impress like the rest ♥love♥

Coming up tomorrow -- Earthworm Odor Eliminator

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Earthworm Cleaning Products Series Bathroom Tub and Tile Cleaner

Welcome back to the Earthworm cleaning products series! Clean Earth Brands sent me two full boxes of their fine products to review and Leaf Rate. Now that I have had a chance to put the rest of these products to the test, today I would like to share my feelings on the Bathroom Tub and Tile Cleaner.

We do not have tile in our home but our tub surround is a little grimy with soap scum and build up from time to time so I was eager to give this a try. Again, as per their directions I shook it up well, sprayed it on and allowed it to do its thing for about seven minutes. It indicates an absorbent sponge or cloth should be used so I made use of the one in the photo, which also has a mild scrubby side.

The formula did not immediately run down the wall which was nice, it was more of a spray on foam that adhered to the surface but lightly covered. I scrubbed gently with the sponge and then used moderately hot water from my removable showerhead to wash it off. The result was pretty good. It did not remove any stains that had set in previously but it did take off all the soap scum and left the surface feeling clean.

**As with the other products I have already reviewed the ingredients contain preservatives. Again, I would like to be clear as to what these preservatives are?**

I am leaving the above paragraph static as I feel it bears repeating in all of the Earthworm reviews. What most concerns me is that every single product I have tested so far is comprised of the exact same listed ingredients, which leads me to wonder if it is the same product repackaged with a new name and sold as something different?

Overall I am pleased with the performance and granting the Bathroom Tub and Tile Cleaner a Three Leaf Rating! ♥love♥

Coming up tomorrow -- Earthworm Floor Cleaner

Friday, November 6, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Feature Organic Cotton is All the Rage in Band Tees

A couple weeks ago a bloggy friend of mine sent me the link to a sale going on in the tee shirt shop** of one of GLR’s favorite eco-conscious musicians, Jason Mraz. Back on October 10th, all tees in the shop were to be listed at $10; it was called the 10-10-10 sale. I decided to give a look as it had been a while since I had purchased a tee, least of all from this guy’s cool shop and what I found had me really excited!

This tee is made from 100% organic cotton, as are many in the online shop, but best of all it showed off Jason’s strong commitment to a healthy environment through the wind turbine and mountain graphic; something I would wear proudly about town. I placed my order right away.

When it arrived I was excited to try it out but as with all clothing I buy, it was washed first. The tag indicates “This EarthPositive shirt was manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power.” Sweet!!

Flipping the tag over for washing instructions however I was slightly confused as it suggests to “save the climate wash cool - line dry”. It did not indicate that it should not go in a dryer, just that it was a suggestion for a more Earth friendly alternative. Since line drying is not possible in my apartment building, I opted to set the dryer on the lowest setting.

When the shirt came out I was definitely disappointed. It appears that the fabric pieces were not cut on the correct line of the weave and the side seams had turned about an inch and a half toward the front / back of the shirt (a semi bias cut). The neck and shoulder placement maintained alright and the graphic remained intact (I also always turn graphic tees inside out) but I was wholly disappointed by the shrinkage. Luckily I had snapped the photo prior to washing and I was happy to have only spent $10 on this tee (although shipping was almost as expensive at just under $8).

I will continue to wear this shirt but sadly it would never have fit as comfortably as it should have due to the fabric twisting incorrectly because of the cut, it is just more noticeable now after going through a low dryer. In the future, I will likely reserve my band tee purchases for after the show and will always remember to check the fabric weave for any signs of ill construction prior to purchasing!

** Please note all tees are temporarily sold out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Robbie Adrian is Helping to Raise an Eco Conscious Generation

As a gal who loves to curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea on a cold day, a soft and warm throw is a must in my house. When I received the sample from northern California based company Robbie Adrian that indicated just how warm and soft their products are, I was intrigued. After reading up on the item and finding out it was created from organic cotton and silk I was suddenly picturing lots of afternoon naps every weekend this winter!

Robbie Adrian sent me a sample size of their product in the form of a baby’s Lovey. Since I do not have children I plan to gift this to a good friend of mine with twin one year olds. Hopefully they do not fight over it too much because this roughly foot square of fabric is soft and plush.

The motto of the company is that they “marry elegance with earth friendly, beauty with sustainability” and it shows. With organic cotton that is not only certified back to the originating bale but further certified by the company to accompany each item that is created they take their business very seriously.

Products are available to purchase direct from the website as well as in retail stores. The blankets are available in twenty seven of the fifty United States in a slew of locations (including five right here in Massachusetts) as well as in Australia, Canada, Indonesia and New Zealand.

There are two concerns I have regarding this line of blankets, first is the price being out of reach for many. All children’s blankets (with and without trim) range from $38 (for the 25” x 19” fleece ‘Lil Robbie) to $270 and adult fleece throws range in price from $132 - $226. A new line of blankets consisting of less trim retail for $26 - $78; the Lovey I received is part of this new line which the company calls “recession friendly” as the customer receives the same luxury for a little less money due to a little less silk.

My second concern is the use of real silk. As silkworms must be killed to create this thread it is a bothersome concern for many environmentalists. The piping style utilizes less silk overall and would be the less impactful choice, but the company does not offer a silk free design as of this time.

Overall the organic cotton is warm and a good alternative to synthetic fibers found in so many youth and adult throws so I am granting the Robbie Adrian collection a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

With a 100% organic cotton version of this blanket I think it’s safe to say your Leaf Rating could soar to Five pretty rapidly so keep up the innovative work Robbie Adrian! ♥love♥

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Novel Writers Month Is Taking Over the Green Leaf Offices!

Those of you who have been reading GLR for the past year may have picked up on the fact that I love to write. In fact so much so that I host another blog and publish articles online as well. What many of you may not know is that I have long dreamed of being a novelist but could never seem to fit it into my already jam packed life.

As you may have guessed, the real issue here was my fear of just going for it with reckless abandon. Generally speaking it was because most of us writers have that sneaky inner editor that eventually shows up to convince us that what we have written is crap; sadly I have listened to it all these years.

But no more!

NaNoWriMo is an event, which takes place in November every year, that allows writers to lock away their editor and throw out the key until December. The way to win NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel (minimum) in just 30 days. Woo hoo!

I have a few fantastic characters who have been trapped inside unfinished 8,000 word stories for far too long now and the lucky one who has come out to play is a pretty cool gal named Sarah. The novel is a chick-lit style where she and her friends (not to mention an overbearing mom) live their life on a day to day basis and we readers get to share in 50,000 words of it.

Some basic outline and a few plot twists and turns have been put to paper already but for the most part this is going to be the first time ever that I have:
A. written something this long
B. mostly developed my cast on the fly
C. been encouraged to write 1667 words of fiction per day
D. done something this insane in my writing career
E. been so jazzed to see the end result

Because the month is going to be a blur of characters, I will potentially be posting a little less in the way of reviews. As of now I have done a big push to front load a whole bunch of posts that are scheduled to go up automatically through about the middle of the month, and I am allowing myself up to five days off from the book so I plan to jam in a whole bunch of reviews during that time too. You may see a post or two from Melissa during this month as well, who knows!

As a little teaser I will tell everyone that one of the characters in the story is very eco-centric and has made a fortune on a Green line of products.

I hope everyone has a great month and I do intend to report back on my overall progress either here or over at Random Lunacy sporadically during November.

If you would like to track my progress on the novel feel free to visit my author page!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Improvement Projects from Reused and Upcycled Materials

Over the past couple months, Matt and I have been completing a few minor home improvement updates, upgrades and modernizations to our rental apartment. One of the most important upgrades we have made has been the mattress topper that we replaced.

Since I am not only a Greenie but a novice seamstress as well, it only seemed right to do something functional with the old one. After all, just because it had outlived its useful life on top of the bed, did not mean it could not be turned into a wonderfully functional addition to a couple areas around our home.

All I had to do was cut it up!

This bench seat came from my grandparent’s home. It was originally designed as a phone table due to the attached shelf. We placed it in a small nook in our mudroom and hung my Van Gogh “Starry Night” print above it but it just didn’t feel homey; I knew there was unlimited potential for this space.

We decided on a beach theme since both of us are beach lovers so I wanted a fabric for the cushion that would help draw attention away from the somewhat yucky vinyl floor. With a perfect sized scrap left over from a prior project, I set out to create the seat cushion.

After taking a basic measurement of the seat opening, I cut the foam to match. I then cut each fabric piece at ½ inch larger than the foam on all sides and stitched all but a three inch opening on one of the seams. The seams were pressed open and turned right side out, foam was inserted and using an inside stitch the opening was closed.

The vase was acquired at a discounted irregulars shop and the grasses are faux so they will last for ages. The sand came from a garden supply center and the blown glass starfish was a birthday gift this past June. Matt and I had taken a ride to a favorite beach spot and collected a whole slew of rocks. I also snapped a few photos of the ocean while we were there and one was pretty enough to frame.


We plan to acquire more rocks to fill in the rest of the corner behind the vase, as well as the strip of missing flooring at the far back wall and I will likely stain the bench to match the frame color.

It is true that almost all of these items are newly purchased and only the components of the cushion were reclaimed, but every time we walk in the back door now it is like we are in our own little beach sanctuary. It is calming and relaxing and that is the main thing we were going for. We both love it and know it is a design that will last through the years in our home; and it was all inspired by creating a cushion out of reclaimed materials from the hand me down bench.

Luckily however, I will find about 100 other uses for the foam pad…

The first of these projects will be as cushioning for 5 chairs around the house -- my sewing chair (being recovered) and our 4 kitchen chairs (which will be covered for the first time and using a painted drop cloth for the fabric. I will report on that one soon!)

What outdated materials have you breathed new life into?

**Please note our house is completely out of level and plumb so unfortunately everything is a little crooked.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Earth Too Is Doing Their Part in Creating a Trendy Green Planet

As I mentioned yesterday, The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation is a not for profit based in Brewster, New York that is committed to a better Earth and they complete this goal by educating our children. In a bold move to even further spread this vibe, founder Cherie Ingraham co-founded My Earth Too.

The company is committed to creating clothing made out of organic cotton. They sent me two shirts to check out -- a Men’s XL and a Women’s L. At first I was concerned that the shirt was going to be huge and I might have to borrow a ‘how to reconstruct a tee shirt’ book from a friend but when I put it on I found that it actually was fairly snug, and I am usually a small! I wondered -- perhaps they sent a youth L by mistake? Either way, it fit fine and was so comfortable; I gave the XL to Matt.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the fabric is very soft. The graphic logo takes up most of the front of the shirt but is primarily an Earth that has been reshaped to form a heart so it is attractive and pretty cool to show off.

They indicate the desire to make organic clothing an affordable option and they mean it. Only logo items are available online for clothing pieces (all other items with and without a logo can be purchased in a retail store) and they range from $12 - $18 depending on the item.

Overall the mission of Chuckie Goodnight, with My Earth Too as the clothing pioneer in supporting that effort, is a great one and I am granting a Three Leaf Rating to My Earth Too!

Thanks for setting the trend in the right direction My Earth Too, I will look forward to seeing your items in lots of stores in my area! ♥love♥

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for the Environment

I was recently introduced to The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation and wow these folks are really cool! Founded in by Cherie Ingraham in 2001, and currently located in Brewster, New York, this non-profit is committed to bettering planet Earth through education and they start with the youngest members residing on our ball of dirt -- the kids.

Through efforts of the organization, the attainment and subsequent restoration of green space is achieved in order to preserve the lands available to us on our planet. The primary focus of these land acquisitions is to create botanical sanctuaries and areas of discovery for all people but the primary focus is on engaging children in how to protect the environment. The organization accomplishes this goal easily through their spokesman Chuckie Goodnight.

Chuckie is a dog who, along with a cute group of friends that includes all manner of “creatures” from trees to flowers to teddy bears, encourages everyone to be an Earth Steward. His motto is: “It’s your Earth and my Earth too, let’s make everyday Earth Day! Please be kind to Earth!”

Chuckie places a heavy focus on Earth Day and how we are able to make everyday Earth Day by adhering to small steps such as conserving water, recycling, turning off lights, using rechargeable batteries and generally acting with respect toward all things. Not only is this wonderful environmental information it is just good social teaching to instill in the youth of the world!

Tomorrow I will be featuring a company called ‘My Earth Too!’, co-founded by Ingraham, which designs clothing created from organic cotton. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to Chuckie Goodnight. Their clothes are super soft and light weight and I can not wait to share all about this fantastic company as well!

In the meantime, I hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Chuckie Goodnight Foundation website. Especially readers with children because there are all kinds of fun activities from coloring pages to at home eco projects to do together.

Go Green, go Earth!