Monday, November 2, 2009

My Earth Too Is Doing Their Part in Creating a Trendy Green Planet

As I mentioned yesterday, The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation is a not for profit based in Brewster, New York that is committed to a better Earth and they complete this goal by educating our children. In a bold move to even further spread this vibe, founder Cherie Ingraham co-founded My Earth Too.

The company is committed to creating clothing made out of organic cotton. They sent me two shirts to check out -- a Men’s XL and a Women’s L. At first I was concerned that the shirt was going to be huge and I might have to borrow a ‘how to reconstruct a tee shirt’ book from a friend but when I put it on I found that it actually was fairly snug, and I am usually a small! I wondered -- perhaps they sent a youth L by mistake? Either way, it fit fine and was so comfortable; I gave the XL to Matt.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the fabric is very soft. The graphic logo takes up most of the front of the shirt but is primarily an Earth that has been reshaped to form a heart so it is attractive and pretty cool to show off.

They indicate the desire to make organic clothing an affordable option and they mean it. Only logo items are available online for clothing pieces (all other items with and without a logo can be purchased in a retail store) and they range from $12 - $18 depending on the item.

Overall the mission of Chuckie Goodnight, with My Earth Too as the clothing pioneer in supporting that effort, is a great one and I am granting a Three Leaf Rating to My Earth Too!

Thanks for setting the trend in the right direction My Earth Too, I will look forward to seeing your items in lots of stores in my area! ♥love♥

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