Thursday, September 17, 2009

Organic Agave Nectar at the Liquor Store?

While shopping recently for a bottle of tequila for our vacation, the sales person at Sav Mor Liquors in Medford said he knew there must be Milagro tequila because they have the organic stuff. I was not at all sure what he meant at first but after locating my bottle of liquor he was walking up to the register with me when he pointed at a display he said:

“This is why I knew we must have the Milagro tequila.”

My jaw almost hit the floor as he pointed out organic agave nectar in a glass bottle, corked and 12.7 ounces. What really impressed me was the fact that the bottle was only $4.99!

I tried to recall what I had spent the last time I bought agave (blue) at Whole Foods and I want to say it was in the neighborhood of $8 for 11.75 ounces in a plastic bottle.

Agave is a sweetener I was introduced to by a slew of different people but most notably my friend Ginger who uses it in a large array of her recipes. It is a wonderful substitute for honey or sugar and I have found it is so yummy on pancakes with a little sprinkle of cinnamon instead of maple syrup. The calorie content is lower than all of the above; agave is also created from a plant.

For anyone having trouble locating basic agave nectar (like I was) sometimes these things can be found in the most unconventional of places so don’t discount a liquor store next time you are shopping for this yummy sweetener.

I fully intend to give this a real an honest review but I do not want to open it until it is going to be used and I still have some of the other bottle left. Keep an eye out though because Milagro is high on the list of favorite tequila brands so I imagine the nectar is going to be simply delicious!

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