Thursday, September 3, 2009

3M Command Hooks Get a Facelift

Recently while shopping for some home improvement items to help liven up our new-ish apartment we picked up some curtains. I had intended to make curtains from material I already have but as I was going through my stash it turns out that much of the large bulk fabric I had I already used for various other projects so in this instance it was essential to buy new.

As a side note, luckily I was able to reuse the curtains we had in our prior bedroom in our current bath as well as our living room panels in the living room here. The main issues of concern now were the bedroom and closets.

Our apartment is a modified railroad style, meaning it is in one long rectangle and the common length of hallway houses doors to each space. Here is the basic floor plan I drew up while acquiring items for the move:

The bedroom resides in a little nook just big enough for our bed and a couple of small tables but the doorway is a wide open archway measuring about 84” across. When we first moved in I had this idea to create a movie theater-esque design using heavy red velvet panels, a matching scalloped valance with gold trim and tie backs in the same gold with huge tassels. It seemed fitting for us.

So while shopping, when I came across some heavy, deep maroon, velvet curtains with already attached 2” wide nickel grommets I was in heaven! It looked as if the dream for a theater theme was coming to fruition. I knew it would be relatively simple to locate the cording, tassels and trim at my local craft shop but what to use for tie back hooks?

We checked out the home improvement section but nothing seemed right. We headed for the d├ęcor aisle and there they were; 3M Command Timeless removable hooks in brushed nickel.

I was impressed right away. I have long been a lover of these hooks because Matt and I move so much and they: 1. leave no holes in the wall and 2. always come with us to the next place. I have only ever used the white plastic version however as they tend to reside mostly in our kitchen for things like potholders and hand towels. I had no idea they came in metal!

I picked up two, one for each tieback, and fully intend to hit the craft store later this week to acquire the trim and tassels. Once I have created the final look and attached the hooks to do their thing for a while I will come back and post a proper review of their true usefulness. I am looking forward to completing this project this weekend!

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