Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miwa Koizumi Creates Aquatic Life from Plastic Bottles

By now many of us are fully aware that there is a place in the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Gyre. This area, about 1,000 miles off the coastline of California is a swirling mass of non-biodegradable plastic debris that outnumbers marine life by a 1000:1 ratio in some areas. Because much of this plastic has traveled to this area from land (wind carried bags, bottles washed out to sea, etc) it is more important than ever to ensure we find the most functional uses for our PET plastics and artist Miwa Koizumi has done just that in stunning form with her PET Project.

Her plastic marine animals and creatures are created primarily from items she has harvested from the trash and include all manner of plastics from colored soda bottles to five gallon water cooler bottles. She creates everything from dramatic jellyfish with seemingly weightless tails to the urchin and anemone type life forms that reside on the ocean floor.

The artist lives and works in New York and her art takes shape by all manner of cutting or soldering tools to create something truly unique and special.

In addition to her actual sculpture Miwa is also working on a photography project which captures the beauty and grace of her designs through use of black backgrounds, white backgrounds and directional lighting. She truly took the ‘trash to treasure’ adage to new heights with this project!

These works of art are just the tip of her creative talents however! Other projects include her plastic bag kites, a plaster and LCD installation art display, sound installations and performance arts.

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ecokaren said...

Love her work! How original! Love seeing plastic turned into art and not in landfills or in our waterways.

But how many plastic bags or bottles can artists save from landfills?

Why can't we not produce plastic all together?

That's the ten thousand dollar question, isn't it?