Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS Hits the Jackpot with Earth Essentials Room Mist

When I find a product that has a low impact on the planet and functions in a surprisingly better manner than I had originally thought it would, you can be sure it is one I will stick with. I may have just been won over with the exclusive line of products, CVS Earth Essentials. Over the next few days I will be showcasing a few of these items and today I had to start with my very favorite -- the aromatic room mist.

In our current apartment we have been asked not to use candles so we have been looking for alternate ways to liven up the space through yummy aromas without having to bake all the time.

The moment I sprayed the Apple and Cinnamon in my living room I smiled and said “mmm, fall”. The smell really lasted too. A couple hours after originally spraying, I left the room and still smelled it when I came back in.

I used Lavender and Citrus in the bathroom and although it is a lighter scent that does not mean it faded quickly. Also, the smell stayed put, the two did not permeate the house to intermingle. (Also available is Sweet Rain)

Through use of essential oils and a double concentrated formula one spray across the room was enough. They do not test on animals and there is no propellant or aerosol used in this spray. The first ingredient is purified water and the tag line indicates it is “Eco Friendly and People Friendly”. At a suggested $2.39 the price is very competitive.

My main concern is how to dispose of the canister once it is empty as it does not appear to be recyclable. Luckily it is metal which is better than plastic, but it still ends up in a landfill after only one use. The cap is a hard PET plastic which may be recyclable in some communities although it does not include a symbol so be sure to check first.

All things considered I am enjoying the product and granting a Four Leaf Rating to the Earth Essentials aromatic room mist!

CVS I am thoroughly enjoying this exclusive line of products that provide less impact environmentally speaking, keep it up! ♥love♥

Up tomorrow: CVS Earth Essentials sugarcane dishes

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