Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Universal World House Made From Paper

Many readers may be thinking I am talking about a decorative house made from a deck of cards or perhaps a doll house or kid’s club house constructed from corrugated cardboard but no, the house I am talking about has eight foot ceilings, a kitchen and a bathroom -- it is the Universal World House from German company The Wall AG.

Created by marrying cellulose and a hardening resin product, the house is purported to weigh only 800 kg (approximately 1764 pounds). According to the website it is lighter than a Volkswagen Golf! Woah! The coolest feature of all is that when the foundation is not included, the structure only weighs only about half that.

The paper used in the home’s construction is Swisscell which is drawn from recycling the cellulose from cardboard or newspaper. Because the price tag is only in the range of $5000, as well as it’s easy to assemble and light weight attributes, this house is being considered as a fantastic solution for those in natural devastation areas, as an alternative for the homeless or to provide suitable shelter to those in ravaged third world countries.

In addition to its light weight on the wallet this house is an environmentally responsible solution (using recycled paper means no additional trees were harmed to create it). The company also claims the home is earthquake proof meaning it could be utilized in such areas.

Thinking outside the literal wooden box has really proved to be a big winner with this cool little house idea! Nice work The Wall AG!

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