Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CVS Earth Essentials Paper Products from Recycled Content

CVS Earth Essentials paper towels and bathroom tissue (4 pack available online) are the final products I had the pleasure of testing out in this new and exclusive line. What I discovered is that I am really pretty impressed with CVS as a brand now!

I will start with the paper towels because this item is one that we had previously deemed extraneous in our household. Over the course of the last year or more we completely eliminated our use of paper towels and napkins in lieu of cloth versions. I was curious to test out the Earth Essentials towels however as I know there are many families who do still use them, so if this was a better choice I wanted to know about it.

At only about $0.80 per roll (online) the paper towels are a solid bargain considering they are two ply. The new trend in paper towels with the choose your own size means there will be less waste as a smaller piece can be used to take care of the same job. Best of all they are created from 100%, non-bleached recycled content (a minimum 60% of which is post consumer). In a final flourish, the quilting on the towels is in the shape of a heart; as if to say love the Earth.

The exact same post consumer recycled content and overall percentages holds true in the bathroom tissue as well. This truly impressed me but I was nervous to try it as it was only one ply and not puffy and quilted like my standard brand. What I discovered is that although it is not the softest brand I have ever used, it was absorbent and not completely reminiscent of sandpaper. Very important as a girl!

I am not sure if the packaging these items come in is recycled as well (paper towels are plastic wrapped, tissue is a tissue paper) and I wish there was a little more information available online as to the environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Overall this product impressed me and if paper products have to be used at least they are created from a lengthened lifecycle of something else. With that said I am granting these paper products a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

Overall I am very excited to know that my local CVS Pharmacy is concerned with doing something positive for our planet in creating this exclusive line of Earth Essentials. I hope to see the line expanded in the future with an even greater focus on the benefits of being eco-friendly! ♥love♥

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