Friday, September 18, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday In Keeping with Bicycles

Last week we talked about Peter Mulvey and his music tour, which he is completing by cycling 1100 miles. It got me thinking about the many accessories that come with a bicycle and how we can possibly create them ourselves.

Belts made from bike inner tubes have been featured here and I have even shared a video of an extreme biker, Danny MacAskill, who uses the urban jungle as his challenging obstacle course. To keep up the bike trend for Eco Fashion Friday, I turned once again to a favorite, Threadbanger, and discovered they have a killer tutorial video for how to make a cycle cap.

When the helmet comes off sometimes hair can be messy so what to do? Create a one of a kind cap that’s what! For those who like to keep the wind off their hair it is a nice item that can be created over and over making as many unique hats as you like. But be warned, this is not a beginner project.

Now go find your fabric and get started!

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