Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When Extraneous Items are Parodied

As Greenies we all attempt to do our very best to use as few ‘one and done’ disposable products as possible right? Well recently I began seeing commercials for a new item that strikes me as convenient yet ultimately another in a long line of one use land fillers, the Colgate Wisp.

Wisp is a compact tooth freshener and toothpick in one, no water is required to brush teeth and it is so tiny it will fit in just about any purse or pocket (although with that sharp point I might suggest that the guys toss it into a wallet or other protective case), Colgate suggests it is good for brushing on the go.

The brushes are sold in a four pack and are suggested to retail for about $2.40, which to me seems awfully steep considering I can pick up a regular sized cheapy brush and travel sized toothpaste for about the same or less. The only difference is, to use a brush and paste, water is required.

Colgate recommends using each brush in the pack no more than once. Yikes! Since the entire piece (including the packaging, sans the cardboard insert) is created from PET plastic this product is going to hang around the landfill a whole lot longer than the fresh breath achieved through its use.

This is not a product I can even feel comfortable granting a Half Leaf Rating to because it is so clearly detrimental to the planet. I am so sorry Colgate but in times where the entire world is thinking in the manner of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, this product simply misses the mark.

I came across a video while doing some research for the item and it made me chuckle for its outlandish parody of the Wisp. I will let you be the judge if I was incorrect in too quickly judging the limited use of this item.


Hyla said...

LOL, loved the video! Hate the product!

Almost Precious said...

Great video. Never tried the product and don't see any reason to. I've noticed that so many products have regressed into using big, bulky landfilling packaging. Thought years ago they were trying to get away from that.
But what the hey, years ago they were aiming for zero population growth and what do we have today; "Jon and Kate plus 8" ; "18 and counting"; Octomom and a lot of young families with a pacel of children. Go figure ?

Judi FitzPatrick said...

The video was very funny, worth watching for the laughs.
I see no use for the product, what a waste of energy just to think it up, never mind to create it and try to get rid of it.
Peace, Judi