Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peter Mulvey is One Musician Dedicated to All

I have written about a slew of talented musicians, had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a few of them and have even had the pleasure of chatting with a couple over the phone as they jet off to far distant lands on their quest for the perfect rhythmic vibe. In all of these stories however, none has hit me as so profoundly Earth friendly as what Peter Mulvey is doing right now.

Peter has begun a tour which will include ten stops and seventeen days worth of music as he traverses about 1100 miles of the United States.

What is that you say? That doesn’t sound all that impressive?

Well what if I told you he was doing the entire thing on a bicycle?

Peter is calling it The Long Haul Tour 2009 and it is the third year in a row he is putting his feet to the pedals to bring his grooves to the ears of music lovers. The past two tours have primarily focused on riding throughout Wisconsin but this time around he has opened it up and will be playing a bunch of locations from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Cambridge, Massachusetts from September 9 through the 26th.

All told his tour will include just ten appearances. This is understandable considering he will be completing rides ranging from about 40-100 miles per day. Wowza!

Equally impressive is the fact that his opening act, Brianna Lane, will be accompanying him in the bike lane for the entire tour.

By far it will benefit both of them to have each other for company on the longest mile leg of this tour -- they leave Ann Arbor, Michigan after their show on Saturday September, 12 and head east 305 miles to play in Buffalo, New York just three nights later.

They shift into a lower gear and bring their act right here to Massachusetts where they play two dates in Cambridge (Lizard Lounge and Club Passim) and then the tour wraps up at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton (101 miles away) on September 26.

Check out Peter’s tour details for more information, to hear some of his lovely tunes stop on over to Peter’s Myspace page or add him as a friend on Facebook.

To help support Peter’s awesome efforts please consider seeing him on tour as well as also pledging to go by bike as many places as possible!


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Fantastic - his music is wonderful and it's great to learn of his environmental concern. Good way to keep in shape, too ;-)

becks said...

Peter is an old college friend of mine and I'm looking forward to seeing his gig at The Ark in Ann Arbor tomorrow.

He makes great music, has a great soul, and cares about the environment. I need to start biking again.