Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clear2O Water Bottle Is a Great Concept

As an active gal I am constantly drinking water. Last month I discussed the effort we are putting forth here at home to ensure the tap water we consume is as healthy as possible** but I have been considering joining a gym recently and knew I would need to bring some kind of water with me. Desiring a bottle that was BPA free and reusable I came across this Clear2O bottle.

The unique element in this 24 ounce Clear2Go water bottle is that it houses a filter right inside the lid so any tap water can fill it and it will be filtered for chlorine taste / odor as well as 99% of microbial cysts. Cool!

The company claims that each bottle will replace up to about 757 disposable water bottles (16.9 ounce size).

The Clear2Go water bottle is available to purchase right on the website and retails for only $16.99. The refill filters I found a bit pricey considering the base price of the bottle itself, they retail for $11.99 per two pack, but each will filter 100 gallons of water so it is unlikely they will need replacing very often.

Unfortunately the bottle I received is defective as the cap was not screwing onto the base correctly (with or without the filter installed) so water spilled out the side and soaked my leg. Not exactly something that would be welcomed at the gym on a treadmill. When I pushed the cap down with one hand and gently squeezed with the other water did not leak out but I will not always have two hands free to use to drink.

With all of this taken into consideration I am granting a Three and a Half Leaf Rating to the Clear2Go bottle!

A little tweak on the fit of the cap and possibly lowering the cost of filter refills will have me uber impressed with this product because I am already very excited by the effort Clear2O! ♥love♥

** As a side note: Both Matt and I each consume up to 4 ten ounce glasses of water a day at home and the filter on our pitcher just started flashing yellow within the past week. The first filter went into use on August 10th which means that is one filter approximately every six weeks. Nice!

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