Monday, September 14, 2009

VioClean is the Responsible Way to Clean Carpets

Recently a family member happened to notice a VioClean van in their neighborhood and sent me the name so I could do a little research; apparently the vehicle indicated they were an environmentally responsible carpet cleaning company. I was intrigued.

Turns out that VioClean is not only a carpet cleaner but they also provide rug, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning and they do it all in a manner that is safe for children, adults and pets right here in the Boston area**.

The process used is called hot water extraction and they perform it in ten steps which include a pre and post cleaning inspection, a thorough vacuuming of the area with a hepa filter machine and a spot cleaning of stubborn areas. Not to mention that moving small furniture is included and they will groom and speed dry the carpet upon completing the cleaning process to ensure a faster dry time.

All of the products used in the cleaning process are purported to be non-toxic and natural; they indicate no soaps, detergents, petrochemicals or solvents are used. In fact the cleaning products are also odor free, do not emit any VOC, they are organic, colorless and non-allergenic (tend to reduce allergens in the air!) and they do not leave a residue on the carpet fibers.

These folks are an ideal solution for busy landlords as not only will they get down to the heart of the grime in a carpet and remove it but they will also (for a varying fee) remove and recycle appliances, furniture items, electronic equipment and other assorted items that may have to go (pianos, exercise equipment, etc.). Cool!

On top of all these environmentally responsible efforts, the website indicates this is a family run business and that they support such charitable causes as Know Breast Cancer (provides education on the disease and its prevention).

Overall I am not only impressed with the services they offer but that they do it all with an eye on being Earth friendly. With all this in mind I am granting VioClean a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

With an eco-edge on other cleaners in this area VioClean I encourage you to branch out and start offering your services nationwide! ♥love♥

**If VioClean is not available in your area I strongly encourage everyone considering this type of service to look into the most environmentally responsible company in geographic proximity.

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ecokaren said...

I've been postponing cleaning my carpet because of toxic chemicals most of the carpet cleaning companies use.

I'm going to search for eco friendly carpet cleaners in my area.

You motivated me!