Thursday, August 8, 2013

Instant Karma for Non-Profit in San Bernardino, California

Sometimes humans do things they aren’t proud of. Most of the time those people try to make amends or apologize for their transgressions. Though not always. Sometimes people don’t try to make up for their morally questionable behavior at all.

But then other times…

Other times the person who did something morally and/or ethically wrong makes good on that wrong in a truly bizarre and profound way.

In the case of the non-profit at the San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services office, the people who broke in and stole a bunch of technology instantly attempted to reverse their karma by giving back.

Not by donating to the non-profit organization. Not by volunteering. But by bringing back all of the items they stole and leaving them on the doorstep with a note of apology for having taken them in the first place.

They literally gave back!

Accordingto the story on 4 NBC Southern California, Willian Avila reports that the burglars originally broke into the office on July 31 through the roof. The neighborhood was then canvased and word was spread about who was robbed and what was taken from the office run by executive director Candy Stallings.

And that’s when the most amazing thing happened. The story states “The following morning about 4:30 a.m., Stallings said she got another call from police about suspicious activity taking place at her office.”

When she showed up she discovered all her items had been returned along with a note from the thieves apologizing for taking them because they “had no idea what [they] were taking.”

It was reported that even though the police had to hold onto the note for evidence, Stallings made a photocopy of the emotionally charged piece of paper to frame and hang on her wall.

Now that’s what I call a beautiful display of instant karma!

Click on the linked text above to read the full story on 4 NBC’s page.

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