Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for the Environment

I was recently introduced to The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation and wow these folks are really cool! Founded in by Cherie Ingraham in 2001, and currently located in Brewster, New York, this non-profit is committed to bettering planet Earth through education and they start with the youngest members residing on our ball of dirt -- the kids.

Through efforts of the organization, the attainment and subsequent restoration of green space is achieved in order to preserve the lands available to us on our planet. The primary focus of these land acquisitions is to create botanical sanctuaries and areas of discovery for all people but the primary focus is on engaging children in how to protect the environment. The organization accomplishes this goal easily through their spokesman Chuckie Goodnight.

Chuckie is a dog who, along with a cute group of friends that includes all manner of “creatures” from trees to flowers to teddy bears, encourages everyone to be an Earth Steward. His motto is: “It’s your Earth and my Earth too, let’s make everyday Earth Day! Please be kind to Earth!”

Chuckie places a heavy focus on Earth Day and how we are able to make everyday Earth Day by adhering to small steps such as conserving water, recycling, turning off lights, using rechargeable batteries and generally acting with respect toward all things. Not only is this wonderful environmental information it is just good social teaching to instill in the youth of the world!

Tomorrow I will be featuring a company called ‘My Earth Too!’, co-founded by Ingraham, which designs clothing created from organic cotton. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to Chuckie Goodnight. Their clothes are super soft and light weight and I can not wait to share all about this fantastic company as well!

In the meantime, I hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Chuckie Goodnight Foundation website. Especially readers with children because there are all kinds of fun activities from coloring pages to at home eco projects to do together.

Go Green, go Earth!

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Almost Precious said...

Sounds like a plan that was needed several generations ago. Hopefully we'll eventually have a generation that will automatically teach their own children to protect this planet as it is the only one we've got, or at least for now.
It always makes me sad when I seen so much litter on the streets, in the gutters and even in our waterways.