Thursday, November 5, 2009

Robbie Adrian is Helping to Raise an Eco Conscious Generation

As a gal who loves to curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea on a cold day, a soft and warm throw is a must in my house. When I received the sample from northern California based company Robbie Adrian that indicated just how warm and soft their products are, I was intrigued. After reading up on the item and finding out it was created from organic cotton and silk I was suddenly picturing lots of afternoon naps every weekend this winter!

Robbie Adrian sent me a sample size of their product in the form of a baby’s Lovey. Since I do not have children I plan to gift this to a good friend of mine with twin one year olds. Hopefully they do not fight over it too much because this roughly foot square of fabric is soft and plush.

The motto of the company is that they “marry elegance with earth friendly, beauty with sustainability” and it shows. With organic cotton that is not only certified back to the originating bale but further certified by the company to accompany each item that is created they take their business very seriously.

Products are available to purchase direct from the website as well as in retail stores. The blankets are available in twenty seven of the fifty United States in a slew of locations (including five right here in Massachusetts) as well as in Australia, Canada, Indonesia and New Zealand.

There are two concerns I have regarding this line of blankets, first is the price being out of reach for many. All children’s blankets (with and without trim) range from $38 (for the 25” x 19” fleece ‘Lil Robbie) to $270 and adult fleece throws range in price from $132 - $226. A new line of blankets consisting of less trim retail for $26 - $78; the Lovey I received is part of this new line which the company calls “recession friendly” as the customer receives the same luxury for a little less money due to a little less silk.

My second concern is the use of real silk. As silkworms must be killed to create this thread it is a bothersome concern for many environmentalists. The piping style utilizes less silk overall and would be the less impactful choice, but the company does not offer a silk free design as of this time.

Overall the organic cotton is warm and a good alternative to synthetic fibers found in so many youth and adult throws so I am granting the Robbie Adrian collection a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

With a 100% organic cotton version of this blanket I think it’s safe to say your Leaf Rating could soar to Five pretty rapidly so keep up the innovative work Robbie Adrian! ♥love♥


Susan said...

Hi Jenn,

So glad you liked the sample Robbie Adrian blanket! Just wanted you and your readers to know regarding the silk that we do offer a "peace silk" version of both the baby and adult piped blanket. Peace or Ahmisa Silk is made letting the silk worm live out its normal life span.

Also want your readers to know that the higher priced blankets you mentioned are actually the Twin size blankets. You can get a lovely organic stroller size blanket for $62. Which we understand is still a stretch for some, but is comparable or less than a standard polyester blanket which is made out of the same chemicals as platic water bottles and creates MUCH more harm to the environment. We are all about "baby steps" to being green... :-)

Thanks again for your great review. Just wanted to make sure you and your readers had the benefit of knowing about all the products we offer! To learn more you can visit our website at:


Susan Doris
Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics

Jenn said...

Wow Susan, thanks so much for such thorough feedback on this! I appreciate the additional informnation and I know my readers do as well.

I was just reading about peace silk a few days ago while completing another review due to post in a few days and this alternative is quite attractive, it is wonderful to learn you offer it!

The stroller blanket option will certainly come in handy here in the northeast over the next couple months!

Thanks again!