Friday, October 30, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Halloween Costume Final Reveal

The final installment in the October Eco Fashion Friday Halloween Series is finally here! We have reviewed tips and tricks on how to have a more Earth conscious holiday from goodies to eat and give away, to ways we can create our own trick or treat bags from reusable canvas bags.

I promised one last tutorial on how I created one of my accessory items before I show the final look so here it is -- Legwarmers from an old sweater:

I bought an XL sweater at the Salvation Army Store, brought it home and laid it out flat on the floor.

With shears I cut off the sleeves along the main seam.

From the armpit angle I then cut straight across to create a tube from the lower portion of the sleeve.

I put them on with the widest part around my ankle so they would fit over my boots and the finished edge of the cuff was at my calf so they wouldn’t slip down. The main part of the sweater will be lined and then used to create a soft throw pillow (I’ll share that project later).

Any idea what I am going as?

Well I’m sure you have all figured it out by now but my outfit was inspired by Madonna’s Lucky Star video!

Here’s Madonna:

And here’s me:

I had such a blast creating this costume and going for that big hair, lace gloves and lots of layers look that Madonna made famous. Tomorrow night we will be attending a party and I can not wait to show off my costume. I opted for sleeves and not a mesh shirt because Boston can really be cold on Halloween night and I wanted to be comfortable all night long.

The only items that were purchased brand new were the jewelry pieces and the wig. Every single piece (except likely the wig) will be worn again (frequently) because separately they are all just great clothing items that fit well and are functional. But every once in a while I think it will be a little fun and toss on my 80’s revival outfit. Minus the big hair of course!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Almost Precious said...

Wonderful outfit. Great job in creating and making it. So clever of you.