Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The EcoBags Series -- Day Three: Reusable Canvas Bags

In the final day of our continuing series I am going to be reviewing this super sturdy canvas bag that EcoBags has sent me to try out. It is a fun bag and definitely does the job.

You probably all remember I reviewed another reusable bag in the past; for trips to the grocery store that would still be my first choice because it has the reinforced square bottom but this canvas bag from EcoBags is going right into my car so I don’t forget it when shopping for everything else!

The straps impressed me because they are long enough to go over my shoulder. Most canvas bags only provide hand held sized straps so this will be ideal when out walking around a fall festival or craft fair or even at the mall. The seams on his bag are double stitched to avoid fraying, just like their produce bags.

Also the same as with the produce bags, the more of these that are purchased, the price will come down. One bag sells for $16.00 but two or more are only $13.99 each. For a printed and unlined canvas shoulder bag I was impressed with the price point. Additionally, a portion of the purchase price is donated to the Environmental Media Association.

This is just one of many options available in the canvas bag line; the printed line alone offers twenty fun designs. All the canvas bags are created from responsibly harvested cotton and this one in particular is 100% organic.

I am a little concerned at the cost, as I have seen bags that have more pockets and a similar size selling for less.

Overall I am thoroughly excited to have my car canvas tote to ensure I never go with paper or plastic again and feel this bag is deserving of a Four Leaf Rating!

Thanks for keeping a responsible eye on the planet through use of your socially and environmentally responsible practices and products EcoBags, I can not thank you enough for the opportunity to test out your cool products! ♥love♥

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