Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cooking the Whole Foods Way Was a Welcomed Gift

Matt and I recently moved into a new apartment with not only a much larger kitchen than any of our previous places but also a dishwasher, shockingly, a first time appliance for both of us. We have both long been interested in expanding our horizons over the stove but nothing is more dream-crushing than being faced with mountains of dishes after a yummy meal. So when we moved here we were determined to start experimenting. As our housewarming gift my Mom gave us the cookbook Cooking the Whole Foods Way by Christina Pirello to start us off on the right track.

Boy did it ever!

This book is packed with over 500 recipes, all Vegan approved mind you, as well as tips, guidance and even a glossary right in the front of the book (no idea what daikon is? Don’t worry, she tells you!). She debunks the myths that: it is difficult to eat healthier, foods like this can only be purchased in special stores, it is really expensive to eat like this, that it is difficult to make these meals.

As a budding, yet still a complete neophyte, chef I found a few of the recipes I came across in this book slightly daunting, it is true. Additionally there are definitely recipes that can not be created without a few necessary appliances so there will be additional up front costs if you desire to create these. Some of these include a food processor and/or pressure cooker.

But bottom line, there are hundreds of not only simple but relatively quick to prepare and easy to create recipes in this book that will keep even the hungriest eater full and satisfied! With sections on grains, sauces, veggies, pasta, beans, salads, stews and more, Christina covers every angle of deliciousness. There are even 37 pages of deserts to choose from. Of course if you’re anything like me there is no reason to choose when all of them could be created at one time or another!

So far we have only made a few recipes from this book and have also eaten a few more at my Mom’s so I don’t think it would be fair to give a leaf rating just yet, but as far as information and variety goes, this cookbook simply shines! I recommend checking it out for anyone looking to advance their skill set in the realm of Vegan cooking as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the best ways to eat healthier, whole foods.

Thanks Mom, we’ll have you over for some tricolor spirals with red onion and radicchio really soon!



I think I need that book! Great blog :0)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Awesome, glad you are enjoying the book. I better get going and figure out what I am going to serve you as I think I owe you the next invite, then I'll happily accept your offering!

Peace and good eating, Judi (aka Mum)