Friday, October 23, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Halloween Costume Creation

In our continuing theme of creating as eco friendly a Halloween as possible this year, I promised to share some of my own tricks and treats when designing and building my very own costume.

Last week I shared a video for Fashion by David Bowie indicating that the decade it was released was a hint for what I was going to be this year. This week I will be sharing where I picked up the goods for my costume, photos of de and re construction of one of the items and a video of my pictures detailing how I put one of the pieces together in well under twenty minutes!

The photo above shows most of the pieces I will be using to create my costume. From left to right, top to bottom row:

1. Women’s XL sweater -- Salvation Army; will use scrap to make a pillow
2. Lace bottom leggings -- purchased retail, will reuse for workout after Halloween
3. Men’s 2XL neck -- Garment District (second hand shop in Boston); will use neck scrap as winter wind headband
4. Women’s S cotton ribbed tank -- Salvation Army; will use often after Halloween
5. Ruffle Large maternity shirt -- will use as a dress over leggings; Garment District (not to be used in Halloween costume after all, found a skirt that will work better and will also be reused as an everyday item after Halloween)
6. Bangle bracelets -- retail, Garment District, will reuse as fun jewelry
7. Hobo purse -- Garment District; will get a lot of use after Halloween!

First and foremost I must stress that I washed everything before working with any of it. With that said today I am going to share a quick video detailing how I turned #3 into a really cool slouch shirt.

In the video I suggest using a zig-zag stitch to close up the neck opening if needed. Here is a little explanation -- turn the garment inside out, take the ruler and place one end at the neck center point while the other rests on the shoulder seam. Mark with chalk line and pin together. Zig-zag stitch along this line then cut off the excess fabric above the stitch. This will keep the slouching shape but close the neck opening if it is too wide.

Next week I will share a pictorial on creating costume accessories from #1 as well as the final finished outfit! Have you guessed what my costume is going to be yet?

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