Sunday, October 18, 2009

The EcoBag Series -- Day One: Loofah-Art Kitchen Scrubber

We have all been there, on the stove sits a daunting pot with something burned/caked/cooked onto the bottom of it that our everyday sponge just will not handle. We do not want to waste the water it would take to soak it for hours and steel wool pads sometimes contain chemically enhanced detergents, so what should we do when trying to remove something so stubborn?

I recently received this Loofah-Art Scrubber from EcoBags and I must say, after using it a few times for just the very scenario described above I am in love with this little apple shaped cleaning tool!

Most recently I used it (with just a little water added to the cleaning pad itself) to remove some completely dried vegetable soup from a bowl and it took it off with no problems and little pressure. Rinsing the scrubber utilized far less water than soaking the bowl would have. Listed online for $3.99 the scrubber is completely biodegradable, since loofah is a plant, and the package indicates that the dye is vegetable based.

I liked reading that a portion of the proceeds from Loofah-Art sales help to support the funding of schools, medical care and decent living conditions in the countryside in India where they are created by independent farmers and fairly paid workers.

There are 55 different designs for both the shower or kitchen (on the Loofah-Art website, EcoBags shows different options based on availability) so there is likely one to fit in with any d├ęcor or preference. I love my apple; it was the perfect choice for Loofah-Art to allow EcoBags to send me to review as I have some apple items already hanging around my kitchen!

The scrubber dried relatively quickly but I will say it was a bit stiff to work with at first and slightly rough on my hands as I do not wear gloves when washing dishes by hand. Also, there is a minimum order of two scrubbers required on any of these, including the body loofah which retails for $14.99 and is substantially larger of an item (I found this slightly odd). I will definitely be curious to see how long the Scrubber lasts before it either begins to emit an odor or begins to break down.

Despite some personal preferences, this is definitely a more environmentally sound option than similarly designed nylon based versions, and I am awarding the Loofah-Art Kitchen Scrubber a Three Leaf Rating!

Not only is this product functional but it is attractive and eco-friendly! Nice work! ♥love♥
Coming up tomorrow -- the reusable Produce Bag

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

Oh, I love loofah, good to hear of this new line (new to me anyway!) I do sometimes use them for body scrubbing, didn't realize they would work well in the kitchen, too. Thanks for the info.
Peace, Judi