Friday, October 2, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Halloween Series Throughout October

For the entire month of October we here at Green Leaf Reviewer are going to place a heavy focus on the upcoming Halloween holiday and it is kicking off this week with an Eco-Fashion Friday feature.

While perusing the web for some handy Halloween tips and spooky costume ideas I came across a video from Go Green Tube on some ideas for how to get a little eco this Halloween.

The main point is creativity and innovation and the folks at share their tips for a more planet friendly Halloween from costumes to candy and everything in between!

Check out the video here

Photo courtesy Judi FitzPatrick Studios

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Almost Precious said...

Jenn - Lots of great ideas in that video. Really like the use of the store bags for treat bags as they won't fall apart like paper sacks or rip like plastic bags would. Nothing is more sad than to see a little tyke with their payload of Halloween goodies strewn all over the street or sidewalk.