Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AAA Magazine As A Green Resource

I've been a member of the AAA Organization for as long as I can remember driving a car. They provide a valuable service, many in fact, and I've made use of their emergency roadside assistance in multiple capacities over the years. Recently while reading my Highroads magazine I came across a small article regarding Green Shops.

A car can be a huge strain on the environment if not properly maintained. Emissions are forefront in many consumer's minds these days but there are other factors that car maintenance can impact which may not even make our radar as we get our cars serviced and cleaned.

Solvents, fluid disposal, spills and energy efficiency are commonly overlooked pieces of the car care puzzle.

I get my oil changed, clean the interior and exterior of my vehicle and make sure my tire pressure is optimal for better gas mileage but where we take our cars to have these services performed can be just as vital as making sure the tasks are completed. AAA has compiled a list of over thirty shops that are on their Green Shops list in and around Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Per the Highroads magazine:

Performing beyond the standard environmental regulations, these shops have adopted additional environmentally friendly practices including:

- Using low-hazard, low-pollution solvents or water-based cleaning
- Recycling and reusing fluids whenever possible
- Practicing spill prevention, sealing shop floors, and recycling oil
- Saving energy with efficient lighting, "green" office equipment, and energy-efficient air conditioning
- Properly maintaining plumbing, installing low-water use fixtures, and using desert landscaping and dry-floor clean-up procedures
If you're in the Phoenix or Tucson area you can learn more about the shops on their list by visiting the AAA Green Shops. To find the list of Green shops in your area contact your local AAA office for more information.

It's just one way we can all ensure we do our environmental part.

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JudisJems said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's wonderful to know that so many shops care above and beyond the usual.

Peace, Judi