Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy Is a Three Leaf Show

Last night was the premiere of a new show on NBC, My Own Worst Enemy, starring Christian Slater as a split personality -- spy killer / family man. It was interesting to see how NBC worked with the concept of the show and how Slater played the character but that was not what grabbed my attention.

(Please note I am about to reveal some stuff that happened in the first episode so if you didn't watch it and want to catch up first, stop reading now and go here. Just make sure you come back.)

A little over half way through the show family man (Henry) gets a visit from a couple bad guys who know Edward (spy killer). Edward had stolen a case from them and through a series of events with a shovel and GPS tracking device, it is discovered that he buried it in a wooden crate about six feet down somewhere in the middle of the desert. As the bad guys sit and watch Henry dig up the case, the ring leader, known as Uzi, asks his non-English speaking cronie to get him some water which we all read on the subtitles. The cronie goes to the back of the car and when he comes back we all expect to see him hand over a plastic bottle right? Much to my surprise and delight he hands over a brand new, shiny, burnt orange colored, metal Sigg style reusable bottle! In the next ten seconds while it makes its appearance on film, he essentially guides our sub-conscious through how to use one by opening and drinking from it right there on camera. Hooray for NBC!

Sadly, the bottle, and the bad guys, are blown up in the next shot but at least there will not be a non-biodegradable plastic bottle melted to the hand of the bad guy for a vulture to come and snack on right?

Because of the clever placement of such a hip product as a reusable metal water bottle and the fact that the show has a certain "I-never-would-have-expected-it-but-I-kind-of-like-it", 24-esque feel, I am giving last night's episode a Three Leaf Rating. Kudos NBC, keep up the good work.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Every little bit helps!

TheresaJ said...

Love the concept for this blog! It's brilliant!

As for your question, I answered on your other blog - with a rather lengthy comment. :}

kim* said...

christian slater HELLO what a hottie.

Rosebud Collection said...

Didn't watch it, but I know you already know me, so no surprise..ha,
Love your new set up..darn your good..it looks lovely..

draagonfly said...

AHHHH!!! That's so cool that they used a Sigg bottle! I seriously <3 my Sigg bottle. It's as attached to me as my keys and purse. :)

Ginger said...

i want a sigg bottle, but only after my nalgene bottles outlive their usefulness and go to a goodwill or the recycling center.

christian slater will always have a special place in my heart. i want to see this show, but i'm so terrible about watching things regularly.

that's nice of nbc to do that, i agree.