Monday, December 15, 2008

Coal in the Stocking Is an Even Bigger Threat Today

When I was a kid there was no greater fear than waking up on Christmas morning to find a stocking full of coal as opposed to delicious candies, yummy smelling lotions or socks like I usually got. I knew that I was not the most well behaved child on Earth but still I considered my chances of being on the ‘Nice’ list pretty good. Looking back, I do not think as a kid I even had a clue what coal was. Now that I am an adult and fully aware of the substance I am even more excited to have never received it on Christmas day.

What strikes me as ironic, yet still amusing, is that kids today will be far savvier to the downfalls of the actual item and not just the threat of getting something they can not put in their gaming system, on their bodies or in their bellies. It makes me wonder what type of threat item our children’s children will be faced with receiving or if coal in the stocking will stand the test of time!

For all Greenies out there who enjoy learning through laughter I highly recommend reading all the Rustle The Leaf comics as well as the information on their website. They are fun and well written to get the point across.

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