Monday, December 8, 2008

Pop-Cycle in Tucson Brings Upcycled Fun to Fourth Ave

When my sister told me that one of her contacts, Jen Radler, was opening up the eco friendly shop Pop-Cycle on historic 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, I knew she would have to be featured! Turns out there are three creative ladies behind the shop; they all create fun items utilizing environmentally friendly, upcycled and recycled materials. Located just southwest of the University of Arizona campus, their location could not be more perfect as 4th Ave is a known hot spot for funky and fun wares. The shop also features thirty local eco-artists, proving their commitment of support for their community. If you are in the Tucson area, please stop by and show them some love.

Who are the ladies behind Pop-Cycle?

Jennifer Radler of Monster Booty Threads DeeDee Koenen and Shannon Riggs of DDCO Designs

Can you tell us a little bit about what each of the ladies specializes in?

Monster Booty is a line of apparel and accessories made with recycled materials.DDCO Design creates kitschy and pop art products by using upcycled wood, paper and glass to make both furniture and gifts of all types.

What was the inspiration behind starting this business together?

We decided that we would like a venue to showcase our products and to promote upcycling and using sustainable materials to create kitschy and usable items.

How long have you been creating your items featuring monsters?

I have been developing Monster Booty Monsters for 2 years. They continue to morph and change with time.

Is there a story behind your brand name Monster Booty Threads?

There is! It was a collective effort over the phone of myself, my sister, sister-out-law, and sister of sort. Once Monster and Booty came together we all laughed and knew it would stick.

Do you feature work by other artists in the Pop-Cycle shop? Are all of those artists local?

We have over 30 other artists represented at Pop-Cycle. Most are local artists. We have at least 7 artists from around the country. All of our artists are chosen based on whether we like their art and if it fits our philosophy of sustainability. We require at least 50% recycled or natural materials for our products.

How long have you been interested in upcycling materials into functional and fun art?

We have been upcycling materials since we first started making our products. We also sponsor 3 young artists in an effort to promote using recycled and green materials and to make ART!

What inspires you to take care of our planet?

I have 3 children that will be here longer than we will and they need to think about the future and to realize that it is not difficult to preserve.

Is there a green practice you personally do that has become a natural part of your lifestyle?

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. Use FreeCycle. Give used items to thrift stores and help the community in the process!

Are there any green practices you recommend readers try out? of course! Buy from local thrift stores. It helps the environment, social services and your budget!!

As an independent artist what is your greatest challenge?

Finding time to promote my product.

Do you remember the feeling of your first sale? Is that still the same feeling you get with each sale now?

I do! I am very excited when people get the idea of Monster Booty. It is to make people laugh.

What do you think is the most unique item you carry in the shop?

The Canjo. It is a playable instrument made from a can of stripper and the neck is from pallet wood. It's cool!

Do you have an online presence where readers can see more of your work?

Yes. Popcycleshop is our website. ddcodesign as well.

Where is the brick and mortar shop located and what are your hours?
HOURS: 11-7 daily


Bridgete said...

I love the swirly bowls and stuff!

Hey! My word verification is "reduse." It's reduce and reuse all smooshed into one! It's even in green! =P

High Desert Diva said...

This looks like a really fun shop!

PamperingBeki said...

Monster Booty is the best name ever!

And those bowls are fabulous.