Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun Eco Shops

Usually the first place I go to locate fabulous Earth friendly items is Etsy because it is easy to search and as a seller on the site I like to do the give and take. There are always some shops that stand out or items that blow me away and when I come across them I think “How cool this is an Earth friendly item!” Some of my current favorites are below. With the spring on its way, but winter still very much hanging on, some might be wishful thinking but I encourage everyone to get out to some of these shops and check out more of their awesome little goodies!

The Fairies Nest

The Hole Thing

Lucky Sustainables


Anderson Soap Company

Recycled materials, bamboo fiber, all natural materials and upcycling are all methods or mediums used to create these fine items.


High Desert Diva said...


THE HOLE THING ® said...

Hi Jenn, Your blogs are all looking so great. Thank you so much for including me once again! I love your list about happiness. So true!

Best of luck,


FairiesNest said...

Thanks so much for including me! I love Etsy!

Karen said...

All such pretty things. I love those little fairies!