Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old School Fun Videos

Charmaine sent me the first two videos this morning and immediately upon watching them I was taken back to age five sitting in front of the television, watching Sesame Street. Educational television existed back then and they were not afraid to teach us kids about things that were seemingly out of our grasp. The third video is one that stuck with me through all of school; anytime I got stuck in English class this little ditty went through my head and everything was alright. Notice that without the second lesson it would be pretty difficult to pronounce the name of the third video. It would be great to see more programming like this on television again!

Only A Bill


Conjunction Junction


High Desert Diva said...

These dittys have been going through my head non-stop!

Karen said...

I like the one about the bill... that would be a good one for kids nowadays to see. When I visited my granddaughter (2-1/2) a few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised at the 'cartoons' she was watching. All of them were very educational, so I think there are some good shows for kids now.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

You can buy them y'know...we have them-somehow I think my husband and I enjoy them more than the kids!

ginger said...

a friend of mine has the series on tape...i loved, loved, loved these when i was a kid!
i don't know this for sure, but she says that they show eli whitney as a white man when they talk about the cotton gin..does anyone know if that's true?...that they show that, not that he was white. i know he wasn't. :)

Jenn said...

Good to hear these can be purchased! I will pass that on to my friends and family with kids for sure because these were so fun.

Ginger I had never heard that so hopefully someone will let you know because now I'm curious too :)

TheresaJ said...

School House Rock -- loved these!!! Conjunction Junction is drilled into my head and still pops up at times. When I was in high school I had to memorize the Preamble for a Government test, I didn't even have to study... just sang the song in my head while writing. Music is a great way to learn and memorize things.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

As a parent of Jenn, I can tell you how wonderful I thought they were then and still do now. Might be a good present for my "granddaughter" in a couple of years!
Thanks for sharing, now I can have all of them rambling around in my head, too - with a smile on my face for the memories of Jenn's childhood!
Peace, Judi