Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Over and Under Two Vehicles Travel the Same Road at the Same Time

In China, plans are underway to begin construction of 115 miles of track that will house a huge bus, called the 3D Express Coach, that drives above the cars on the road. It will carry up to 1400 people and take only a year to complete. With construction slated to begin at the end of this year, commuters in Beijing will soon be traveling along in eco style -- the buses will be powered by both electricity and solar power.


The widening and increased height of the busses means that roads don’t need to be widened which means there will be no congestion from construction.

There are quite a few projections of what the busses will look like here.

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Almost Precious said...

Well that is certainly innovative. I tend to get nervous and claustrophobic when we're driving between two large trucks, not sure how it would feel driving through a moving tunnel. =\
We do have to applaud China as it is definitely a better solution than building more roads for their ever growing, immense population. Of course the world refuses to consider that population itself is the very cause of the world's problems to start with. :(