Friday, September 10, 2010

And the Respite Comes to a Close

Good afternoon everyone! Wow, what a crazy summer it was around here -- from beach to BBQ, work to working out, birthdays to baby showers, road trips, writing, paint jobs and library visits there was barely a chance to breathe let alone gather up the steam to post!

In fact my personal blog, articles, query letters, well, everything really, took a major break for the glorious sunshine and hot weather here in Boston this summer. It really was worth it to give myself a slightly larger berth than I usually do to just chill.

But now we’re back toward fall temperatures and back to school for many so the pace around here slows to a crawl until the holidays. That sounds pretty nice to me! In fact, although I do sort of look forward to apple picking and foliage peeping, sadly right now I’m still stuck on wishing the upper 90’s back.

Call me crazy but I love the heat and humidity!

But that's what happens with fall and here it comes.  Anyway, with the cooler temps and walking on my treadmill instead of outside comes my need to keep busy so it seemed like no better time to revive the old blog here!

I have a pretty decent number of topics on belay right now so I should be posting more regularly, every other or every third day give or take. I can’t promise things will go back to daily again but since all of us have seriously busy lives these days I somehow imagine that will not be a tragedy.

So what’s coming up? Why, thanks for asking!

In a week or so I’m going to be running a giveaway so be sure to check for that. A couple cool reviews of awesome companies who are doing their best to make a difference, a festival review, some product reviews, maybe a few travel tips for foliage peepers to keep their footprint lower and a blogaversary post are also in the works!

Thanks for sticking it out over the posting drought this summer GLR-ers, looking forward to getting back to the fun this fall!


Almost Precious said...

Yes this summer has been distracting. When the weather is nice it's a shame to waste them stuck indoors.

Glad to see you're back and I look forward to your reviews and giveaway. :)

Almost Precious said...

footnote ... When the weather is nice it's a shame to waste them ... should probably have clarified "them" to read "the days" stuck indoors. I'm sure you were wondering "who" were stuck indoors and "what" was wasted...other than me this morning. LOL