Friday, February 13, 2009

Forcing the Recycling Issue

Over here at Green Leaf it is rare that I copy and paste a news story as I like to put my own spin on things but this one is too good not to share just as it is. I am not quite sure what to make of the person behind this “hoax” but I will tell you what, they get a Five Green Leaf rating in my book not only for the content of their letter but for the ingenuity!

This story is taken from the Thursday edition of The Boston Globe and shared on; the title of the article is linked to the original. Enjoy!

Prank attempts to get Boston residents to put out recycling bins
By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff

If you see your neighbor carrying his recycling bin out to the curb Friday morning, tell him to relax. It was all a prank, perpetrated by someone who apparently wanted to see the streets of Boston abounding in blue.

A hoax letter written on official-looking City of Boston letterhead went out to some residents in recent days, demanding that people put out their blue recycling bins for the city to pick up by Friday morning or face a hefty charge on their real estate tax bill.

“Unfortunately for the very few not willing to comply, we have been approved by Mayor Thomas M. Menino to add a standard fee of $327.00 to your real estate tax bill,” said the letter. “The Boston city council has also approved this measure. Your last chance to avoid penalties will be Friday, February 13, 2009. Please place bins on sidewalk by 9 a.m. on this date.”

The name of the signer on the letter was a giveaway. When pronounced phonetically, it was an expression containing an expletive.

“This is obviously a prank,” said spokeswoman Dot Joyce. “The most concerning part was that someone used City of Boston letterhead.”

The city learned of the hoax when a West Roxbury resident called to ask about it today. The city doesn’t know how many people received it or who wrote it.”

City officials are investigating, Joyce said.


High Desert Diva said...

Oh these pranksters!

Oregon has been having a problem with someone commandeering the flashing road signs; recently one was changed to read: The British are Coming!

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