Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of Fun New Finds!

It’s a lazy Sunday morning around our house. Matt is sleeping in and I am doing some research for this week’s upcoming Green Leaf Reviewer posts. We are awaiting the snow which should be falling within the next handful of hours and are looking forward to making a tasty brunch later. We have a Sunday that is completely free from plans outside of our apartment and it feels great! Once Matt gets up however, there is a lot to get done around here.

The first thing we are going to do today is take the trash out in our GoodSense recycled trash bags. When I discovered these (at Walmart believe it or not!) the other night I was excited to give them a try. So far I am really impressed! They are sold in a box of 20, thirteen gallon bags and although I can not fill them with lots of sharp or pointy things, for a 60% recycled plastic content bag they are really sturdy to handle everyday trash. They have a drawstring and when comparing price they were actually $.04 cheaper per 40 count box.

After that we have got to throw in some laundry. We have been using Arm & Hammer Essentials and Downy Free fabric softener, as both products left out the petroleum based chemicals, but I discovered some recipes for a few natural based solutions over at Better n Before this morning and plan on giving them a try once we are out of what we currently have. (PLEASE NOTE: I have heard that Borax can be harmful to pets so be mindful to research the ingredients for yourself to determine the recipe’s individual worthiness!)

Perhaps as we watch the snow fall I will take some pictures of the entertainment center that has finally entered our home so Matt will have some visual inspiration to write Part III of the construction journey. Of course it has been a while so he will likely want to review Part I and Part II in order to ensure the story flows.

Maybe after all that is said and done I will pop over to Ideal Bite and finally sign up to receive the daily ‘living green tip’ newsletter in email. It is too bad we already went grocery shopping because today’s suggested Mardi Gras jambalaya experience sounds pretty tasty!

To wrap up my day today I am going to take some time to carefully review the 266 projects that Massachusetts deems “shovel-ready” or rather projects that could receive grant money now that the stimulus bill has gone through. I may even decide to rate a few projects as worthy or not worth the money. Everyone can join in! Just head on over to the Stimulus Watch website and sort as you see fit (by your state, keywords, by project) then click away to rate and review. I have a feeling this one might get a little bit more than end of the day attention as it is chock full of useful information and loads of projects I had never even heard were proposed in my state.

For a Sunday with no real plans it sure looks like we will be busy around here!


Karen said...

Sounds like a productive day ahead! Anxious to see the entertainment center :)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hope it went the way you planned! Peace, Judi