Friday, January 15, 2010

Eco Fashion Friday Feature thredUP Kids

One of the very reasons I have chosen not to have children is that those little buggers can sure be expensive haha! One item that will forever be a need and will definitely add up over time is clothing. How does a parent save money if there aren’t any hand me downs to procure from older relatives or friend’s kids? Or worse yet, what should a parent do with all of those clothes that their own child outgrew? They get on over to the thredUP Kids website, register and begin exchanging quality clothing in fabulous condition with parents all over the country that’s what!

What’s that you say? Exchange clothing with other parents? Why yes indeed and it could not be easier (or less expensive for the first 1,000 registrants!)

thredUP is a bold concept that has been working for adults for a little under a year now and was founded by three guys -- James Reinhart, Oliver Lubin and Chris Homer -- right here in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Surprised? I highly encourage everyone to check out their About Us section on the thredUP site to read the back story, its pretty funny.

So what does all this have to do with kids you might be asking?

Well the long and short of it all is that what has been working for adults is now something they are feeling out an interest in for kids as well and what is even cooler is that the first 1,000 members to register via this link will be allowed to exchange their first for free when the site launches in February! Score!

Not only upcycled, recycled, increase of the lifecycle and reused, but inexpensive too. Now how many parents could go for that? The really great news is that this service will be for boys and girls ranging in age from 0-12 so parents can begin exchanging as soon as their little one outgrows their very first size.

Obviously there are a few rules involved -- no stained or torn clothing allowed for starters -- and since this particular division is just in its own infancy stages there are more things to come but I can’t get over how cool a concept this is to exchange like new clothing that I think I might just sign myself up.

I especially recommend parents signing up that want to do their part not only for the planet but their own kid’s closet. Then sign up for yourself at the flagship site too. The only thing you have to lose is a pile of clothes you are bored with and the gain is a whole bunch of like new stuff you never had to set foot inside a mall to get.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Peace, Judi

wylde otse said...
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wylde otse said...

Another great idea ! The time will come for one of these sukkas to fly.

I've heard tales of poor working parents having an extra job just so their kids can wear the latest $200 sneakers. But, kids can be quite cruel to one another, and, not to belittle can be understood as fighting for survival.

Now if in time, the 'coolest (still the word?)' kids were to be eco-cool and workin' planet-friendly...
the planet would truly be a more beautiful friendly place. to touch the kids, and let them see eco-cool clothes as a badge of high fashion and dignity...

hey, the kids in the hippy days could do it with joy. Why should today's kids be less free, and manipulated by slick ad-men ?

Jenn said...

Thanks for reading mum! Glad you enjoyed :-)

Hey wylde, you have a great point there! In the 60's & 70's it was the norm to wear hand me down clothes. Believe me, I know because I did it! Older cousin's clothing would come right to me. Now, I was mercilessly picked on in school back in those days because of my clothes so what you say about cruelty and survival definitely ring true. Hopefully with the ability to exchange what is still current & popular fashion but on a shoestring budget will be enticing enough, even without the environmental aspect!

Thanks for reading!

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