Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who Is Recycle Moe?

Thanks to one of our Greenies, Michaela, I was introduced to Recycle Moe, a very funky and fun company that creates unique products from 100% upcycled materials.

The company is run out of Moe O’Hara’s hometown of Burlington, Vermont where she enjoys spending her time creating items such as reusable coffee bean/grounds bags, mini spiral bound books with floppy discs for covers, innovative coffee cup sleeves with an attached clip so it will never be too far from a purse or briefcase and a whole slew of other cool items.

Moe not only showcases her awesome goodies on her website but she has a shop on Etsy where the bulk of her items for sale are baby bibs created from fused plastic shopping bags. And they are really cute. In the Vermont area? Recycle Moe items can also be found in twelve brick and mortar locations (and one in Rhode Island too). Check out the Shop link for a complete list.

Her prices are super reasonable (bibs come in at just $15) and shipping is also pretty low. I definitely suggest checking out Recycle Moe next time you’re looking for a creative, handmade, upcycled and unique gift for the quirky and fun Greenie in your life!

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Chloe' said...

great feature! Those baby bibs are an awesome idea :o) I love those notbooks too! thankyou (^_^)