Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sun and Warm Weather is where its AT!

Last Sunday this happened in my hometown:


Now I’m enjoying the lovely weather in the southern California desert! It’s close to fifty degrees warmer here than it is at home. I feel for everyone back there but Christmas in Cali is a very nice change. Not to mention we have been having an amazing time with Matt’s family which is a rare change from our usual as my family is the one centrally located in Boston.

We do miss our nephews and Matt’s sister and BIL of course but seeing an entirely different side of the family has been fun. FIL and Step-MIL plus Matt’s Aunt, Uncle and two cousins are here and we rarely see any of them so we’re making the most of the fun together!

My sister is also driving out from Arizona today (hooray!!!) and it will be fantastic to spend some time with her this Christmas as well.

If I’m a little spotty this week I apologize but I fully intend to enjoy this vacation of warmth on the other coast so I can soak up as much as possible before heading back to the likes of the photo above.

But don’t forget to swing back over after the New Year to read about the Green Gift Guide and giveaways!


Almost Precious said...

No need for any apologies. At this time of year everyone is rather busy and preoccupied, most of us don't even have time to read our favorite blogs least of all actually write and post on our blog. Must admit I'm guilty on both charges. ;)
Enjoy the sun, the fun and the family you don't see that often. Hope your Christmas was great and the New Year most happy.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

See you next year when you will be renewed and refreshed.
Peace, Judi

Jenn said...

Thanks so much ladies! We are having a great time and have seen so many cool environmental initiatives that California is famous for while out here that I really can't wait to get back so I can do a big write up on them all.

Happy New Year :-)

wylde otse said...

Jenn, heard a great interview on coast to coast am ...John Perkins (last night)...awesome cool writer, he believes that America can become great again (after this recent shake-up, and megacorp-political lackey betrayals) in being innovative and offering products to the world that will work to the long-term betterment and sustainability of all.

You are miles ahead of the new pack :o)
hey some ideas... enviro-clean-up pruducts...say, solar-operated water purifiers, ...mmm energy power savers of all kinds.

Have a good holiday season; and good times with family and friends. You, by your efforts already, are making the world a better place. Thanks.