Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanking the Troops

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of awesomeness and Monday’s message to be grateful, this is the perfect day to thank our troops for all the work they do toward ensuring our freedom in this country. I recently came across a website called Let’s Say Thanks and it definitely falls into the awesomeness category!

The program is sponsored by Xerox and it is so easy to send a postcard of support.

First, choose the design you like best. All of the colorful and inspiring postcard designs were created by children across the United States.

Next, personalize it with a message or select from the pre-written messages of thanks right there on the site.

Hit ‘Submit’.

Yes that’s it! It is free and so easy to tell out military service men and women how much we appreciate what they do and at this time of year when they can not be home to enjoy the holidays with their families it is vital to show how much we care.

I encourage everyone to pop on over to the Let’s Say Thanks website and take a minute to send a message today! Mine has been sent, I used the postcard above, as designed by Austin, in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Thanks Austin, and thanks to our troops! Get home safe and soon!

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