Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Back in the Groove by Giving

Good morning everyone! What a refreshing day it is, December first snuck up so quickly it surprised even me but I managed to complete the novel with a count total of 58,134 words. Yippie! What a fun time too! Now it is on to NaNoEdMo -- National Novel EDITING Month -- for me as I intend to complete my three or so rounds of edits during December and January and have this project of mine ready for publishing by February 2010.

But editing without a deadline means I can come back and keep up with all things Green again, hooray! I missed the research, reading and innovation available in this sector.

To get the ball rolling again I have started clicking to give.

A couple weeks ago my Mom sent me a link to the Animal Rescue Site. At the top of the page there is a big purple button that reads “Click here to give - it’s FREE”. I had forgotten about this website as it was something I used to do as part of my daily routine -- read email, click to donate.

There are six causes in total that are associated with the click to give movement:

Animal Rescue
Breast Cancer
Child Health

The sponsors of the website place advertising and donate based on the free clicks. Each page shares stories of how the sponsors were able to share through just a click of a button. The stories are also fascinating to read through, it is nice to hear how the simple click of a button can provide so much for so many. Our world is truly a fascinating place!

I strongly encourage everyone to click today (and everyday!) to help provide resources toward these very important causes. It only takes a second to click.

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