Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fabulous and Frugal

Let’s face it, most of us have cut back on buying outrageously over priced merchandise at the drop of a hat in recent years. Then again, some of us never went that route to begin with but even still, we did like to shop. So what is a girl to do in the midst of a recession? Why we get creative by getting frugal!

I was introduced to the Fabulous & Frugal website via Facebook by a mutual friend and let me tell you, these gals have got the right idea -- their tag line reads “A Girl’s Guide to Living Well and Spending Wisely” Nice!

With tips on everything from how to live frugally in some of the most expensive cities across the United States (think San Diego!) to making home made gifts that will not only get use but are sure to impress, the site provides an insane amount of information for how to cut back without anyone ever being the wiser.

One of their recent articles was with regard for giving cost effective gifts to all of those people you really aren’t sure what to do something for like bosses, co workers, hostesses and neighbors. I fell in love with this article and began considering using their ideas immediately.

The holidays are not just limited to Christmas of course, there are always birthdays, Mom & Dad’s Day, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and more throughout the year and I am always on the lookout for ways to keep costs low, but personalization high, for gifts on these occasions as well.

So basically I wanted to give a shout to Stephanie Berenbaum and Brandi Savitt over at Fab & Fru because you have saved me very likely hundreds of dollars over the next year and sparked my own creativity where gift giving is concerned, so thanks ladies!

And speaking of gift giving & being Green…stay tuned just after the New Year for your guide to some of the most amazing gifts to give in 2010, as well as a giveaway of a whole slew of those very same items! A giveaway, talk about being frugal -- free and won items are the best yet!

If you are on Facebook you can find the ladies at Fab & Fru over there as well, just click on their logo to go direct and become a fan today!

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