Friday, December 18, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Feature: Baby Its COLD Outside!

Good morning readers! As I write this in my semi-warm home office (temp set at 64 during the day to conserve) it is only twenty two degrees outside. Of course with a thirteen mile per hour wind speed, what we call the wind chill, brings the temperature into single digits. Holy crow that’s cold!

New England in December tends to usually hover in the 30’s - 40’s during the day but this is extreme temperatures even for late winter like February. Brrr!

Because I write from home and do not want to crank the heat (so I can not only save those precious natural resources but a little bit of cash in my wallet as well), I thought it would be fitting to do a nice feature on some of the Green items that could keep me warm and toasty during extreme situations like this!

Fingerless gloves -- Nothing beats this item for a person who types all the time. They keep the majority of the hand warm while the fingers are still free to bang away on the keyboard. I found this pair from Etsy seller AnnyMay made out of renewable bamboo fiber. Very chic!

Shawl -- Again, something bulky like a blanket with sleeves is not always practical. Sure they are lovely while on the sofa relaxing but during the day when I just have a slight chill and want something warm on my shoulders I’d rather reach for this organic cotton shawl from Enuwbe. The piece can be used all year long -- use it as a belt around a sleeveless sundress in summer & when the temps drop at night it’s a cozy little shawl again.

Hat -- What was that statistic our moms used to tell us? Something about losing 40% of our body heat through our heads? Well I don’t know if the number was that high or not but when I wear a hat, I do feel warmer. This braided wool hat from quarks would certainly help retain the heat through use of natural fabrics, and the vintage flowers just give it a cutsie touch the UPS delivery man can appreciate.

Warm & cozy socks -- You can ask Matt, even when it is in the seventies out my hands, nose and feet are perpetually cold so its no surprise that I am drawn to wool booties. These versatile slipper socks are made by OfftheHooks and are constructed from what once was a sweater. They suggest wearing a pair of socks under them for added warmth. Now we’re talking!

Warm and comfy sweats -- I admit it, most of my indoor wardrobe consists of sweatpants and hoodies. Don’t put me on that TLC show though, it generally isn’t what I wear out. But these eco-fabric pants by branchhandmade in organic cotton/recycled poly/natural rayon are so cute I might be tempted to do so! Or maybe I’ll just wear them in my chair next to the window; since they’re available in black they can soak up all the passive solar rays of the sun.

How are you staying warm this winter?

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