Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Innovations for Our Feline Friends from Yesterday’s News

In the past here at GLR we have discussed ways we can provide more environmentally friendly experiences for our pets. There are dog collars made from recycled materials, hand made organic catnip pouches and even toys created from found materials but what about that most important thing of all -- cat litter**.

Since training a cat to use and flush a toilet is fantasy better left to the movies, most indoor cat owners will still be using a littler box of some variety. There are self cleaning boxes that offer the ultimate in hands off convenience to a cat owner. The cat does their business, the box senses when a cat has vacated the box, an electronic arm scoops up the clump and deposits it into a container which has a cover and can be removed to throw away without ever coming near the litter. Sounds great and all but they do utilize electricity and the throw away containers are made from none other than PET based plastic.

Another option for the majority of cat lovers is the standard litter box. Literally this is a big plastic tub that the litter is placed into where the cat can do its thing. Later the owner comes back with a little shovel to scoop out the clumps and toss them away. The majority of litter on the market today is made from clay, this is why it clumps when exposed to liquid and allowed to dry. (Other styles include wood, paper or even sometimes straw)

Clay is definitely a natural based material but new clay must be sourced for each box of litter. Well Purina thought this seemed wasteful and they have created a litter called Yesterday’s News. The litter is created from 100% recycled newspapers and the Softer Texture version (recommended for cats) is purported to feel more like the standard clay type!

Some of the cool features of this litter include -- 99.7% dust free, up to 3 times more absorbent than clay, non-toxic, low tracking and Veterinarian recommended. Not to mention the obvious benefit of using a recycled paper product instead of a newly created material.

It is said to absorb liquid from the bottom and the pellets will expand once all of the liquid has been retained. It is recommended to wait a few minutes for the paper to fully expand before scooping. The product is said to be tough on odor as well as it should absorb most if not all associated smelliness.

I don’t have a cat so I haven’t been able to try this yet but if any of you awesome readers do have a cat and check it out, please report back and let us know your first hand experience on its functional and financial viability as compared to the standard clay types on the market. Before you shop, be sure to go online and claim the $1.50 coupon.

** Yesterday’s News also comes in brands specifically designed for rabbits, ferrets and small bedding animals (gerbils, hamsters, mice, etc)

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Anonymous said...

I used Yesterday's News for my guinea pig. Not only is it dust free, but it controls odor better than anything else I found. A great product!