Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charles River Center Benefit Gala -- Building a Dream

Over the past couple months I have decided it is high time for my company to start giving back and I have been looking for charitable causes that I feel strongly about so I could do just that. As many of you know I run my own company, Chucka Stone Designs, which completes installations of various specialty paint treatments in an array of types, styles and locations.

I contributed one of my finishes to the Driscoll School Auction as the school this year was attempting to raise money for installation of Green initiatives in the building (hooray!) and also did a company match donation to the American Cancer Society’s Climb to Conquer Cancer which my sister took part in this past March. When my aunt recently sent out a request for donations to the Charles River Center Benefit Gala -- Building a Dream, I knew it was another very worthwhile cause!

My cousin is significantly developmentally delayed and lives in a group home with other disabled young adults, which is managed by the Charles River Arc. The Arc, dependent on state aide and private contributions, provides housing and programs that allow individuals to achieve a work / life balance in a positive and caring environment. Their clients, who might be considered to have a major disadvantage, accomplish amazing thing in terms of independence, friendships and productive social activities.

For example, my cousin volunteers at a nursing home, a pet shelter and with the Salvation Army and has made many great friends which I have had the pleasure of being introduced to over the years. He is fortunate to have residential services, but many of the clients still live at home, many with aging parents. If The Arc loses their day work program benefits through funding cuts, one parent would probably have to quit their job to stay home as these individuals aren’t independent enough to left alone throughout the entire day.

To me, this is a significant blow to an already struggling community of individuals and it only seemed right to help. I put together a collection of 3 picture frames, similar to the one in the picture above, and handed them off for my aunt to include in the silent auction. I know they won’t raise thousands of dollars but every last dime sure does count!

There is still time to donate! If you have been looking for a worthwhile charity to donate even a few dollars to, please consider the Charles River Center Building a Dream campaign. The gala takes place tonight, May 5. To donate you can click the link to be taken to the donation/gala attendance page. Thanks for considering this worthwhile charity which will continue to benefit my cousin and his friends in such a significant way.


Almost Precious said...

Another fantastic blog post, highlighting a number of very worthy causes. Love the finish on the frame, maybe the frames you donated won't bring in thousands of dollars but I'll bet they were a very HOT item and very popular with the auction crowd. :)

wylde otse said...

yikes not a lot of ' advance time '.

say, i had this dream-time idea about an antique shop and, you&your company popped into my head.

is there a place you could get set-up... the fine pple you mentioned could run it...prob without too much accountant help.

if there is interest i can pick up a few items of antique nature from time to time to donate. maybe other stuff can go out on a 50-50 % consignment...

i'm really cautious about the psychic stuff, (then secretly having to admit to myself that i am at least part crazy...) but... something makes me write this, and i'm quite sure don't know why :o)