Thursday, May 13, 2010

RubberForm Is Making A Positive Impact By Reducing Waste

If you had a chance to read yesterday’s post about the Washington Nationals Stadium and the environmental efforts they put in place while constructing it, you might have thought that was the only thing that caught my eye while I was away. Of course being the eyes-open Greenie I am almost nothing slips past me!

We spent a little time in a small park right near Dan’s house called Brookside Gardens. The grounds were impressive and filled with beautiful plants and cool appointments, like a small stone labyrinth. On the way back to the car we shortcut through the parking lot and I stepped over a wheel-stop barrier at the end of a parking space.

I looked down to see the barrier was not standard concrete color but black and it had an impression in it which read Of course my brain immediately considered the possibility that these barriers were created out of old tires or something equally cool so I snapped the photo above in order to complete research once we were back home.

I was immediately impressed to learn that RubberForm not only creates these wheel-stop barriers out of recycled tires (among other eco materials) but they also produce sign bases and stands, speed bumps and humps, speed cushions and tables, vehicle bumpers, car stops, rooftop patio pavers, rubber bricks, spill containment berms, landscape mulch, pipe/hose/curb ramps, wheel chocks and more, plus they have plans to begin creating systems for drain management, storm water drainage, base weights, rubber retaining walls & water retention systems.

They are a US Green Building Council member, are based in the United States, and pride themselves on being an innovative business that puts their employees first.

In today’s market, thinking recycling and keeping an eye on the planet by reusing materials that were already created in order to produce an item of function is not only innovative but just good business sense.

I applaud RubberForm and will now keep my eye out for their recycled, functional, products all over town!

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Almost Precious said...

Our society as a whole needs to embrace the philosophy of use, recycle and reuse.

Back in my grandmother's time it was a necessity. They saved their old jars to use for canning. Clothes were handed down from one child to the next, and they weren't tossed just because they were torn or too small. Clever women mended the tears, patched the holes, added gussets and let down hems on skirts and cuffs to accommodate the new spurt of growth. Even fabric scraps were saved to make into lovely quilts. Some called it being frugal...I think it was just being very smart !

And then we turned stupid and became the throw away society. Hmm, guess humanity can devolve !