Monday, May 31, 2010

Trees for the Future Donates Trees All Over The Globe

I am an online survey taker. Years ago I came across a pretty cool company that sends me links for surveys in all manner of topics and I answer the ones I want in order to gain points. The points can be used to “purchase” items in their redemption center.

So far I have collected enough points to redeem for items like a Black and Decker cordless screwdriver, a sushi set (with chopsticks) made of bamboo for two, gift cards, CD’s, a coffee grinder and more. So when they emailed me recently to let me know that for just 200 points I could help donate 10 trees through the Trees for the Future program I was intrigued!

Like any good researcher I immediately set out to find out all I could about Trees for the Future. Turns out, the non-profit organization has been busy planting upwards of 50 million trees in countless countries all around the world since 1989. They have been instrumental in providing training in agro-forestry as well as seed distribution efforts in order to bring tree cover back to many rural communities which have lost this precious resource.

And all I had to do to help further the cause was click a button to redeem 200 points for the planting of ten trees! It felt great to be able to help in even this small way. You just never know where the opportunity to make a difference might be lurking!

To find out more about this very dedicated organization you can visit them on the web at:

Trees for the Future website
Treesftf on Facebook
Treesftf on You Tube

There are many ways to donate directly to Treesftf -- give a gift of a planted tree to someone else, give a cash donation, donate a car, truck or boat, volunteer, or organize a tree planting project of your own! I highly suggest getting over to their website and exploring the various options for how to help.

The planet, and all its oxygen breathing inhabitants, will thank you for it!


Almost Precious said...

Great idea and a great cause. I can not begin to fathom what this world would be like without trees and yet humanity bulldozes them in the name of development, slashes and burns them to grow a few crops in the nutrient poor soils of the Amazon rain forest, and vast tracks of forest land have been clear cut for timber. Our arrogant destructiveness amazes me in the very depth, scope and breath of it.
But through it all there is always hope and as long as there are people such as you, hope will continue to exist.

I'm off to check out the Trees for the Future website. :)

ecokaren said...

As with any charity organizations, I am always skeptical about how they spend their donations.

I found this website where you can check any charitable organizations.

And I am happy to report that Trees for Future is rated pretty high.

Great tip Jenn!