Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Long Would it Take to Weed Plastic Out of Your Life?

One of my friends in the Team EcoEtsy group, tanjasova, shared this CNN video about one woman’s quest to completely rid her life of plastic items. This is Jeanne Haegele’s story. She bakes her own bread, cooks her own yogurt and even mixes up her own toothpaste to avoid buying anything with plastic.

You will be surprised by where plastic is located, Jeanne certainly was when she started out on her journey to reduce plastic consumption.

Jeanne has certainly inspired me to open my mind to the potential benefits of reducing plastic consumption / use. How long do you think it would take you to completely eliminate plastic from your own home?


Almost Precious said...

Very interesting. I noted the part where she made her own toothpaste, wonder if she uses a wood handled, boar bristle toothbrush ? Yeah I know, I'm back on toothbrushes again. LOL

But seriously one has to question how many of the modern day problems such as cancer might well be caused by all the chemicals (for sources such as plastics) that leach into our bodies ?

Splendid Little Stars said...

very interesting. Plastic is ubiquitous. I think it would be extremely difficult to eliminate entirely. I was struck by the fact that her refrigerator is lined in plastic with plastic shelves.
Not all plastics are recyclable in many areas. My area just started accepting more than #1 &2. Of course, that doesn't address possible health issues caused by plastic.