Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We ♥ Dave Matthews Band!

And if we don’t already, we should! This band is fully committed to doing what they can in an effort to be eco friendly. This morning I received my DMB newsletter in email and about half way down, here is, word for word, what I read:


Dave Matthews Band has teamed up with Brita to reduce bottled water waste on tour this summer. Going to a show? Refill with a compostable cup at a Brita Hydration Hub-for free! Head over to the Brita booth, take the FilterForGood pledge, and play a game for a chance to win an exclusive DMB reusable bottle!

Thank you to all our fans for doing your part to reduce waste on tour.

After just 14 shows,

• Fans refilling at the Brita Hydration Hubs have kept more than 14,000 plastic water bottles out of landfills
• More than 2,000 fans have taken the FilterForGood pledge

Check out Brita FilterForGood on Facebook for tour updates and a chance to win tickets all summer long!"


I have written about the Filter for Good campaign in the past as I was fortunate enough to have been sent a filtered pitcher and accompanying Nalgene bottle back in the early part of this year.

In our house we never use anything but a filter pitcher and not only did I make use of the Nalgene every day, I just went out and purchased a new one recently that is more convenient for leaving in the car.

So thanks DMB for not only being on the same planetary page as most of us, but for spreading the word about living an even Greener lifestyle!

For those going to a show this summer, be sure to stop by the Brita booth and take the pledge.  If you can't make it to a show click on the pledge link at the top of the post and then come on back over to let us know you took the pledge.


Almost Precious said...

Great idea ! Nice to hear that Brita not only advertises that we can be more earth friendly by using their water filters but they're taking it one step farther by offering free biodegradable cups and their filtered water at concerts and other events that would normally generate a lot of empty plastic water bottles. Way to go Brita !!!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Did I hear someone say Dave? As if I needed more reasons to love him-thanks. I'm off to share, Viva la Brita and Dave!