Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Life In Stages Blog Giveaway Winner Was Me (woo hoo!!)

My good bloggy friend Anna (Almost Precious on Etsy, My Two Cents at blogger) alerted her readers a while back to another bloggy friend, My Life In Stages, having a giveaway so I figured what the heck.

I almost never enter giveaways. Not only because I tend to not win most of the time but I feel like there are probably other people who could benefit far greater from the winning item than little old me. But this one was different.

I mean, do you see those beautiful cups and saucers in that picture up there? How could I resist?

Well I couldn’t, and not only was I the uber lucky winner but I found an item that I completely heart in Tracie’s shop too!

Let me first back up for a second and explain why I even entered in the first place. Matt and I live in a rental as most of you know. We are not allowed to paint the walls so we have to adopt our color infusions in other ways.

A while back I decided to refinish our second (or forth, not sure) hand kitchen furniture with a very modern feel -- espresso brown for the chairs and deep navy for the table. I wanted the kitchen to feel like it came out of a Pottery Barn catalog but with refinished older pieces and far less expensively.

The paint treatment was just the start of course as our dishes (that are close to 10 years old, chipped, broken and worn) were also going to be replaced. I wasn’t sure what we would do but I knew I was going to scour shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army for previously loved but not broken items.

Then like a beacon of awesomeness, there were the pictures on Tracie’s blog and I was in love! Strangely enough she drew my corresponding commenter number and wouldn’t ya know, it was my lucky number 11! Must have been fate.

I sadly have not yet had a chance to put these out (because my table is still not fully cured yet due to the massive humidity & I haven’t finished making the placemats from the fabric as seen in the photo) but I didn’t want to wait ay longer to tell everyone about the wonderful My Life In Stages blog or how grateful and appreciative I am that I was the winner of her first ever giveaway.

Thanks Tracie, I can’t wait to start sipping my evening tea from these very mugs!


Karen said...

Perfect for your colors! Cute cups... love the retro feel of them!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks Karen! I think they are actually vintage but if they aren't they do sure look it! Can't wait to finish up the kitchen so I can start using them :-)