Friday, July 2, 2010

Eco Fashion Friday Feature: Windy Hill Fibers Has A New Fan…Me!

Last Friday was my birthday and this year I didn’t want there to be any confusion about what I wanted from Matt so I just sent him the link. I had a feeling I would end up getting this gorgeous dress from Windy Hill Fibers!

Made from 100% organic cotton, this hand made frock (the Lily Sash Dress) is easily going to become the most worn item in my wardrobe this summer. With temperatures soaring into the very muggy 80’s & 90’s almost every day I have been on the hunt for comfortable, easy dresses that fit and look good.

Christine Vivian is the owner and designer behind Windy Hill Fibers, her Etsy shop was opened in September of 2007 and with a 100% positive rating that’s three solid years of good business! It is easy to see why. 

The dress is impeccably created, the stitching is straight and even and there are no gaps when the garment is on. In fact she didn’t just create a small/medium/large dress but took my measurements for the best fit possible.

I know Matt only put in the order a week or so before my birthday and that was likely a mad-dash rush for Christine but she was such a trooper to get it done so quickly without sacrificing on her quality!  (Thank you!!)

With prices that range from $50 - $135, each piece is moderate to high but I can not stress enough how much of a staple this dress is going to be for me. I’ll probably get Matt’s money’s worth by mid July!

Complete with darts at the bust line and a super generous length of sash to wrap around, or tie in front/back, the dress cinches itself to the perfect fit. She even used the cut off fabric as the bow for the gingerly wrapped package.

On top of everything else that makes Windy Hill Fibers so awesome, the shop is also a part of my team -- Eco Etsy!

Because Christine has such a strong eye on the planet through her use of organic materials and support of a fantastic Green team I am granting Windy Hill Fibers a three and a Half Leaf Rating!

Thanks so much for caring Christine, I hope to chat with you at a team EcoEtsy event one of these days! ♥love♥


Almost Precious said...

I Loooovvvvve that dress, it is so cute and looks perfect for these hot, muggy summer days. I will certainly go check out her etsy shop.

Hmm, sometimes I think blogspot's word verification program has a glitch. I have on many occasions checked and double checked the verification word after I typed it in and even though it matched I still got a message that said the character I entered didn't match the word verification. Maybe that's blogspot's weird sense of humor?

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I know right? I seriously love her craftsmanship as well, beautiful seams, perfect hem line. I will go back to her frequently!

You know I've been having the same issue w/ blogger WV past few days...thought it was just me, good to know its not I guess lol.

Anonymous said...

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